Twelfth Doctor
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Species: Time Lord{{#set:species=Time Lord}}
Affiliated with: affiliation::Voord
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Appearance: Four Doctors {{#set:only appearance=Four Doctors (comic story)}}

An alternate version of the Twelfth Doctor came into existence due to a conceptual bomb.

History Edit

After he sent his companion Clara Oswald away due to her betrayal, the Doctor spent centuries searching the universe for Gallifrey, until he gave up in despair and found the city of the Voord. After years among them, they offered him leadership of the group mind. The Doctor accepted and, upon joining them, began to remember the continuity bomb and how he was responsible for the ordeal surrounding it.

Leaving the clues that got him there, the alternate Doctor waited on Marinus for his past self, along with his tenth and eleventh incarnations and their companions, and then fired upon them to direct them towards the continuity bomb.

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After they arrived in his timeline, the alternate Doctor took them to the Voord city, where he revealed himself as both the Voord leader and the mastermind behind the continuity bomb.

Immediately taking the TARDIS and handcuffing the six, the alternate Doctor explained how the Voord hid from the Siege of Trenzalore, and how he had maneuvered the events with the bomb into motion. Explaining his plans to wipe their memories and lead to Voord to conquer the universe and become the new Time Lords, the Doctors instigated a struggle that allowed Alice Obiefune and Gabby Gonzalez to escape. Taking Clara and the Doctor to the ConsciousTemplate:What to have their memories altered, the alternate Doctor successfully dispatched them back into their timelines to live out their new destinies.

As he gloated about his victory, Alice was killed by his Voord guards and Gabby began to frantically open the Doctor's comics in the hope they could help her. Much to her horror, inside the bundle was a miniature Weeping Angel, which grew to full size and sent her back in her own personal timeline to the café before the three Doctors arrived to greet their companions. Gabby warned the companions of what would occur if things went they way they had before, before fading from existence. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

A new timeline Edit

Now prepared for his alternate self's deceptions, the Twelfth Doctor[which?] led his past incarnations and their companions to Marinus to deliberately set of the continuity bomb and enter the Voord city through River Song's World. Once there, the Twelfth Doctor entered the Voord group mind, and was confronted by the alternate self.

The alternate Doctor was able to overpower his younger self, until the Twelfth Doctor called in the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors to assist him. Learning that the Doctors had sabotaged the city's force field, the alternate Doctor surrendered and was erased from existence after Clara apologised for betraying the Doctor. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

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