Twelfth Doctor
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Place of origin: Gallifrey
Spouse: spouse::River Song
First mentioned in: Silence in the Library
First seen in: The Day of the Doctor {{#set:first appearance=The Day of the Doctor (TV story)}}
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Main actor: Peter Capaldi
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Emerging from his previous incarnation's explosive regeneration on Trenzalore, the Twelfth Doctor was the first incarnation of the Doctor's second regeneration cycle, bestowed upon him by the Time Lords at Clara Oswald's urging.

Assured of the survival of Gallifrey, the Doctor was no longer chained down by guilt, becoming a less amiable character with a withdrawn attitude who habitually questioned his own goodness. Although he was no stranger to kindness and humour, the Twelfth Doctor often dispensed with niceties in a tense situation, becoming cold and calculative in critical moments that required sound judgment and the occasional application of sharp practice.

However, because of his detachment from emotions, he could come off as unpleasant, fearsome, and ruthless. He became harder to trust, and acknowledged his shift toward negative personality traits, feeling incensed and fearful at what he was changing into. However, after resolving his morality crisis, he started to show his lighter side more clearly and started to show the more positive traits of his character, until Clara's death caused him to return to his more cynical nature. After having his memory of her removed, however, the Doctor's jovial side mixed into his cynical nature to form a stable personality.

Due to her being initially upset at him changing, the Doctor found more strain in his relationship with Clara, especially when she was dating Danny Pink, a former soldier turned Maths teacher, whom the Doctor shared a mutual dislike of each other. However, he later found respect for Danny after he chose to sacrifice himself to stop a Cyberman invasion brought on by Missy. Though he and Clara parted afterwards, the Doctor decided to renew their friendship after experiencing a dream of a possible future where Clara ended up old and alone.

During a revelation of where his face originated from, the Doctor decided to resurrect Ashildr, a Viking girl who had died protecting her village from the Mire, by using Mire technology to bring her back to life. However, in doing so, the Doctor ended up inadvertently making Ashildr immortal, forcing her to live through countless centuries while everyone around her died, giving her a jaded look on life. After an encounter with Ashildr in an alien refugee camp ended with Clara's death, the Doctor was transported to a tower that was designed to terrify him into confessing the identity of the Hybrid. After 4.5 billion years, during which time he repeatedly burned his old body to load a copy of himself at the moment of his arrival from the transporter's hard drive, the Doctor broke free of the trap and passed through a portal back to his home planet Gallifrey, where he overthrew Rassilon for presidency to save Clara, but ultimately lost his memory of her and was left to solitude.

The Doctor was later reunited with his wife River Song; though she spent most of their adventure unaware of his identity, due to thinking his predecessor was the final incarnation. He then spent the night at Darillium with River that he had avoided numerous times before, enjoying twenty-four years with her before she left for the Library.

Biography Edit

Foreshadowing Edit

When the Eleventh Doctor was attacked by the Then and the Now on Lujhimene, the Twelfth Doctor was among the faces seen as the Doctor's timeline was almost destroyed. (COMIC: Running to Stay Still)

During a visit to a parallel universe where he was a fictional character in a television series, the Eleventh Doctor told his portrayer, Matt Smith, that Peter Capaldi, whom he had previously rescued from a Mandrel, would be a good choice to play him on the show. (COMIC: The Girl Who Loved Doctor Who)

Post-regeneration Edit

File:Twelfth Doctor Post-Regeneration.jpg

After fighting in the Siege of Trenzalore for 900 years, (PROSE: Tales of Trenzalore: The Eleventh Doctor's Last Stand) the Eleventh Doctor, out of regenerations, facing extermination by the Daleks, and already dying of old age, was ready to accept that he had reached the end of his life. Unable to accept that his death was unavoidable, Clara Oswald appealed to the Time Lords to intervene, and they responded by granting the Doctor a new regeneration cycle. After using the energy from the explosive reset that followed to destroy the Dalek forces besieging Trenzalore, the Doctor returned to his TARDIS to complete his thirteenth regeneration.

Suddenly changing in a flash before Clara's eyes, the new Doctor voiced his surprise at having new kidneys. The TARDIS then began shaking violently, and the Doctor implied to have forgotten how to pilot his ship, much to a shocked Clara's dismay. (TV: The Time of the Doctor) Crashing in pre-historic Earth, the TARDIS was chased and subsequently swallowed by a female tyrannosaur; when the Doctor brought the TARDIS to 1890s London, the dinosaur was accidentally brought along with it.

After the TARDIS was spat out, the Doctor, in a severe bout of post-regenerative trauma, acted very wild and irrationally. He peeked out of the TARDIS door, shushed Strax, slammed the door shut momentarily, and then finally crept out of the TARDIS, trying to identify him as one of the Seven Dwarves. Unable to remember names or faces clearly, he sputtered at the sight of the Paternoster Gang, before being joined by a frazzled and annoyed Clara, trying to keep some degree of control on his livid and maddened state.

Though put to bed to stabilise, the Doctor soon awoke and, grabbing a piece of chalk, doodled strange equations all over the bedroom. Hearing the dinosaur in pain, the Doctor climbed out onto the rooftop and left on horseback when he saw the T-Rex was being burned to ashes. Deciding to investigate, but still suffering a degree of post-regenerative stress, the Doctor wandered the streets of London. Talking to a passing tramp, the Doctor examined his new facial features, noticing that he had seen it before. He took particular note of his new eyebrows, as well as his new Scottish accent, before trading in his previous incarnation's favourite watch for the tramp's coat. (TV: Deep Breath)

File:Twelve Clara Half-Face Man.jpg

Seeing an ad in a newspaper placed by Missy, (TV: Death in Heaven) which seemed to be a message from Clara, the Doctor infiltrated a suspicious restaurant, where he and Clara learned that time travelling Clockwork Droids, under the leadership of the Half-Face Man, had been harvesting humans to repair themselves and reach the Promised Land. Trying to speak on peaceful terms, the Doctor snapped the Control Node out of his illusion of the Promised Land by revealing the true state of his existence. Conflicted and unsure, the Half-Face Man fell out of his escape pod, either jumping or having been pushed by the Doctor.

File:Clara hugging Doctor.jpg

The Doctor briefly left Clara behind to redecorate the TARDIS console room and settle on a new outfit. Returning for Clara, the Doctor spoke of the suspicious way Clara had met him in his previous incarnation, only for Clara to likewise voice her uncertainty of the Doctor's identity and asked to be returned home. Attempting to return Clara home, the Doctor ended up in Glasgow by mistake. However, Clara decided to go out for coffee with the new Doctor after the Eleventh Doctor called her and encouraged her to help the Doctor through his regeneration; the new Doctor, however, seemed uncomfortable with the hug Clara gave him. (TV: Deep Breath)

Early experiences Edit

Wanting to investigate a series of murders, the Doctor left Clara behind in Glasgow to get her some coffee from the Intergalactic Coffee Roasting Station. There, the Doctor made conversation with a mutant called 78351 in the queue, and then realised that, in a previous incarnation, he had saved 78351 and others like him from a laboratory on Collabria. Before either could go into further detail, the coffee ran out and a female customer was killed during a blackout.

Deciding to take 78351 on as a companion, the Doctor examined the dead body and determined that all the caffeine in her system had been drained. Briefly accused of being the killer before suspicion fell elsewhere, the Doctor found two bite marks on the deceased, and then a Blowfish was also murdered. Using his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor found that 78351's adrenaline levels had increased, and, fearful that he would be the next victim, claimed that he was tired of the lights going out and took 78351 to the master control centre to draw out the killer, telling 78351 that they were going to fix the lights.

Finding the technicians murdered, and that they had been killed fourteen hours before the first victim, the lights suddenly went out again and, when both of them emerged unharmed, the Doctor realised that 78351 was the killer, as his adrenaline levels had decreased. Wanting to take him off the station, the Doctor had 78351 take him to his ship. Managing to outmaneuver the security drones, the Doctor and 78351 fled the ICRS, and the Doctor informed 78351 of his discoveries.

Turning out the ship's lights to see 78351's true form, the Doctor likened 78351's transformation to puberty, and told him he had to decide if he wanted to control his adult body. When he also told him that he might not have the energy to stabilise himself, 78351 set his ship to collide with a nearby sun to get the energy burst. Promising to buy 78351's friend a coffee from him, the Doctor left the ship in an escape pod, and returned to the ICRS. (PROSE: Lights Out)

Intending to return to Clara with some coffee, the Doctor saved a Combined Galactic Resistance fighter pilot named Journey Blue from a Dalek Saucer attack, though left her brother behind in the explosion. After prompting her into asking nicely, the Doctor returned Journey to her command ship, the Aristotle, where Colonel Morgan Blue introduced him to a Dalek that had developed a fault and turned good.

File:Twelve listening to Rusty.jpg

Returning for Clara, three weeks later from her perspective, the Doctor asked her if she thought he was a good man, a question that Clara found herself unable to answer, and returned to base to help the Dalek. Joined by Journey and two other soldiers named Gretchen Carlisle and Ross, the Doctor and Clara used a Molecular nanoscaler to miniaturise themselves and enter the Dalek — whom the Doctor nicknamed "Rusty". After losing Ross to the Dalek's antibodies, the Doctor discovered a radiation leak from within the Dalek and learned that Rusty had turned good after seeing a star being born. Following the radiation, the Doctor discovered damage to Rusty's power source was slowly killing him, and repaired the damage with his sonic screwdriver.

However, fixing Rusty's power core resulted in the malfunction that turned Rusty good to be reversed, with Rusty's destructive nature returning, and causing Rusty to go on a killing spree, as well as send a distress beacon to summon the Daleks to the rebels' base. After getting slapped and lectured by Clara for his apathy, the Doctor realised he could turn Rusty good again by reawakening his memory of the star being born.

Instructing Clara to find a way to restore Rusty's memories of the star, the Doctor made his way to the Kaled mutant within Rusty to mind linked with him, causing Rusty to see the Doctor's hatred of the Daleks and destroy the Daleks that had responded to his distress beacon. Leaving to continue his crusade against the Daleks, Rusty commented that Doctor would have made a good Dalek before both of them left. After declining Journey's request to travel with him and Clara, the Doctor returned Clara home, both still unsure if the Doctor was a good man, but with Clara convinced he was at least trying to be one. (TV: Into the Dalek)

New adventures with Clara Edit

Spending some more time on his own, the Doctor became alerted to a creature that disguised itself as a motorway to consume planets into other dimensions. Summoning Clara to assist him, the Doctor was surprised when the creature disappeared, unaware that Clara had tricked the creature into consuming itself. (COMIC: Road Rage)

The Doctor was given some chips by Clara, and then rambled about how great they tasted. (COMIC: Untitled) Attempting to get a reservation at a restaurant on Calbaron III, the Doctor and Clara found there was a three-year lack of tables. They booked and went three years to the future, only to learn the restaurant was closed to celebrate the third anniversary of the overthrowing of a tyrannical emperor. They finally made their booking six years prior for three years later. When the Doctor found that the tyrannical emperor had scratched his TARDIS, he decided to overthrow him, resulting in the anniversary. (COMIC: Planet of the Diners)

The Doctor repaired a scratch on the TARDIS, but found that this caused time within the TARDIS to temporarily run backwards, much to Clara's annoyance when she tried to converse with him. (COMIC: The Inversion of Time)

When the TARDIS was swarmed with Adipose, the Doctor claimed he was "not an Adipose person." He then had Clara take out the rubbish, as he claimed he wasn't a "taking-the-bin-out" person, with Clara declaring his attitude had to stop. (COMIC: The Bin Dilemma)

Deciding to return to Victorian London, the Doctor and Clara reunited with the Paternoster Gang to investigate a carnival at the Frost Fairs, where some performers had gained powers, in connection with a death that had occurred. They discovered these events were linked to weapon-creator Orestes Milton, who was hiding from the Shadow Proclamation. The Doctor stopped Milton's anger-inducing machine, but was unable to prevent his escape. However, Affinity, a shape-shifter created by Milton, tricked the rogue into thinking the Shadow Proclamation wanted his help; the real organization destroyed Milton's ship when it attempted to leave Earth. The humans altered by Milton retained their powers, deciding to resume their work at the fair. (PROSE: Silhouette)

Deciding to give Clara the choice of their next destination, the Doctor took her to Sherwood Forest to meet Robin Hood, though he was sceptical of Robin's actual existence. He was proven wrong when Robin shot his TARDIS with an arrow seconds after they arrived; however, he refused to believe Robin and his Merry Men were real upon visiting their camp.

After participating in an archery contest for a golden arrow, the Doctor got himself, Clara and Robin captured by the Sheriff of Nottingham, who had allied with alien robots disguised as his knights. Escaping, the Doctor and Robin found out the robots were trying to reach the Promised Land, but lacked sufficient gold to repair their engine. Believing Robin was also a robot, the Doctor was re-captured by the Sheriff as Robin took Clara and escaped through a window. Leading a revolution in the Sheriff's dungeon, the Doctor was informed by the Sheriff that Robin Hood was not a robot, just as Robin came to his rescue and defeated the Sheriff. Assisting Robin with Clara's help, the Doctor helped launch the golden arrow into the ship to allow it to escape velocity and explode harmlessly in space.

File:12 and Robin.jpg

Robin, having learned about the Doctor's story from Clara, noted that the two of them were not so different from each other: both of them were people born into status and privilege, giving up both to live the life of an adventurer in order to fight injustice. As he departed, the Doctor left Maid Marian, whom he had met in the Sheriff's dungeon, behind to be reunited with Robin. (TV: Robot of Sherwood)

The Doctor and Clara used a goo bomb to foil the Sibro's attempt to weaponise a Conlanian clock tower, (COMIC: Chime Time) orchestrated a ceasefire in a war between anthropomorphic cats and dogs by allying them against an army of alien fleas that planned to attack every planet in the universe, (COMIC: Once Bitten) and helped the World Brain find a new way of life after crash landing on its factory planet. (COMIC: Crash Landing)

While sightseeing on the HomeWorld, the Doctor saved a hospital from a missile, but was framed as the ringleader of various crimes by the Judge and locked up in the colony's asteroid prison until he exposed its darkest security measure. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

The Doctor and Clara rescued the spaceship Genetrix from Whispies on Venus by using the ship's sifters to suck them up. (PROSE: Sunset Over Venus)

On Hoopoe, the Doctor acted as Clara's lawyer when she was arrested for walking on the ground by the Court of Birds. His attempt to convince them she and him weren't cats backfired when the owls accused them of being mice, but the Doctor had foreseen this and had recruited the native cats to attack the owls with makeshift wings, but ensured that the wings were too difficult to use properly, rendering them useless in the cats' pursuit of the owls. As he left with Clara in the TARDIS, the Doctor rewarded the cats with a box of canned tuna. (COMIC: The Court of Birds)

File:Listen (TV Story).jpg

During one of Clara's breaks from the TARDIS, the Doctor became obsessed with the idea that a creature designed to hide was following him around and that everyone was similarly being followed. Visiting Clara for help in finding the hiders, by using the TARDIS telepathic circuits to pilot into her past. However, Clara got distracted by a phone call from her date, Danny Pink, and piloted them into his past instead, back when Danny was a child called Rupert and living in a care home. Finding a figure under Rupert's bed sheet, the Doctor had Clara and Rupert turn their backs to allow the being to walk out the room unobserved, leaving them unsure if it really was a creature or just another child playing a trick on Rupert.

Returning Clara to her date, the Doctor continued to follow his theory by trying to use a trace of Clara left in the telepathic circuits, ending up at the end of the universe where a time traveller named Colonel Orson Pink, Danny's descendant, had been trapped for six months. Intrigued by how following Clara's timeline led him to Orson, the Doctor returned for Clara and had them wait at the end of the universe for the night, believing it to be the perfect time to find out if the hiders were real. Finding a chance to confront the creature outside the ship, the Doctor sent Clara into the TARDIS and seemed to get a look at what he's been chasing before the atmospheric shell broke and Orson had to rescue him. As the Doctor was knocked out, and the TARDIS seemed to be under attack, Clara used the telepathic circuits to fly the TARDIS away.

Waking up to find Clara gone, the Doctor called out to her and inadvertently alerted his younger self to Clara's presence. Before he could investigate, Clara re-entered the TARDIS and made him promise to leave and not find out where they had landed. Afterwards, the Doctor returned Orson and Clara to their own times and, satisfied by what he had learned, underlined the word "Listen" that the creature had written on his chalkboard. (TV: Listen)

The Doctor planned to rendezvous with Clara at Coal Hill School, but instead arrived at a replica of the school on an unnamed planet, where Clara and Jeff Delobel, a French teacher, had been abducted by primitive aliens planning to infiltrate Earth via Coal Hill School. In order thwart the invasion, the Doctor told the aliens a tale of Earth's Guardian, informing them that he was the guardian, scaring the aliens off. (COMIC: The Monsters of Coal Hill School)

Resuming their travels, the Doctor and Clara helped stranded Seevith launch their ship, (COMIC: More Than Meets the Eye) and helped Professor Faster end the 17th century witch trials. (COMIC: Witch Work)

Returning to pick up Clara, and persuade her to away from a date with Danny Pink in favour of other travel destinations, the Doctor received a call from Madame Karabraxos, who requested he free the Teller and its mate from the Bank of Karabraxos, as he had done on the day she met him. Realising the ramifications of this request, the Doctor built up the identity of "the Architect", using this identity to stage a bank heist for him to commit, with the assistance of Clara, an augmented human named Psi, and a shape shifting mutant human named Saibra.

Using memory worms to erase the plan from their minds and prevent the Teller from alerting the young Karabraxos, the Doctor and Clara found themselves already in the Bank with their accomplices, their last memory being the TARDIS phone ringing.

Receiving instructions from the Architect on their location, objective, and the Bank's security system, the team infiltrated the Bank. Entering a safety deposit box, "Team Not Dead" - the Doctor's name for the assembled team - set of a dimensional shift bomb into a service corridor, where the team found a briefcase containing six teleporters disguised as atomic shredders.

Seemingly losing Saibra and Psi to the shredders when the Teller locked onto them, the Doctor figured out that time travel was involved with the heist plan when a perfectly-timed solar storm unlocked the Bank's vault. Retrieving what the Architect had promised Psi and Saibra as payment, the Doctor and Clara were caught by the Teller and delivered to the bank manager, Ms. Delphox. After Delphox left them to be executed, the Doctor and Clara were saved by Psi and Saibra, who revealed the true nature of the "shredders".

File:Emboldened Twelve.jpg

Venturing into the Bank's private vault to find his and Clara's reward, the Doctor instead found Director Karabraxos, and discovered that Delphox, as well as a majority of the bank's staff, was an exact clone of Karabraxos. Seeing Karabraxos' hatred of her own clones caused the Doctor to have an epiphany on the identity of the Architect, and he gave his phone number to Karabraxos as she fled from the solar storm about to hit the Bank. Subjecting himself to the Teller's powers, the Doctor regained his lost memories and realised the true objective of the bank heist. Freeing the Teller and its mate to a place to live in solitude, the Doctor then parted ways with Psi and Saibra, giving them their rewards, and returned Clara home for her date. (TV: Time Heist)

The Doctor and Clara were later pitted against the Wyrresters during their second attempt to invade Earth, with the Doctor also travelling back to ensure the failure of their first attempt and Clara briefly switching bodies with a Wyrrester before they were defeated. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror)

The Doctor and Clara were left to the mercy of sand piranhas while chained to posts on a desert planet, (TV: The Caretaker) had a dinner date in 1937 Berlin, (TV: Kill the Moon) rendezvoused with fish people, (TV: The Caretaker) were saved from an Aaraanandal slime beast by a survivor of the 22nd century Dalek invasion named Simon, (PROSE: When the Wolves Came) outran soldiers to escape in the TARDIS, (TV: The Caretaker) and saved a small village from a Cephla at Christmas. (COMIC: Gift Snatched!)

Planning to visit Eden 2, the Doctor was joined by a reluctant Clara, after she phoned him to drop her off at work after she overslept. When the duo arrived, they found the under assimilation by the Vladlack, but it turned out that the planet was a trap, to lure in and arrest invaders of planets. Fearing that innocents could be inappropriately punished, the Doctor set up a warning beacon around the planet, then dropped Clara off at Coal Hill School. (COMIC: Freeze)

Meeting Danny and Courtney Edit

Discovering a Skovox Blitzer near Coal Hill School, the Doctor went in "deep cover" as the school's temporary caretaker to dispatch of the killer robot, much to Clara's dismay.

File:Doctor giving commands to the Skovox.jpg

Initially planning on using chronodyne generators to send the Blitzer into the future, the Doctor's plan was accidentally foiled by Danny Pink; Danny had seen the Doctor act suspiciously and believed the devices were of malicious intent, deactivating some. As a result, the Blitzer was sent a short time into the future, rather than centuries. After Clara introduced him as her boyfriend, the Doctor took a dislike to Danny as he was a former soldier and feared he wasn't good enough for Clara. He changed his plan to using a communication device to make the Blitzer think the Doctor was its superior.

Rather a few days, the Blitzer returned during the next evening; to the Doctor's surprise, Danny used his military training to help keep the Blitzer occupied, allowing him to repair the malfunctioning device. After successfully commanding the Blitzer to deactivate with Danny's help, the Doctor took into space and ejected it from the TARDIS, taking Clara's troublesome pupil Courtney Woods with him after she discovered his identity, deciding that there was no harm in having Courtney tag along as a travelling companion, (TV: The Caretaker) but didn't see anything special in her. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Further adventures with Clara Edit

File:TITAN 12th 1 Run.jpg

The Doctor and Clara travelled to the planet Isen VI so that Clara could practice skiing for a school trip. Although the Doctor remembered it as a very cold and snowy planet, they found it had been converted to a warm and tropical paradise. After rescuing Clara from monkey-like creatures, the Doctor found an artificial leaf, which led to him and Clara being accused of trespassing by the planet's owner, Kano Dollar. The Doctor discovered that as a result of the planet's manipulation, a global cataclysm was imminent, but Dollar refused to listen. The Doctor and Clara rescued two workers from an underground earthquake with the TARDIS, and moved to a cavern beneath the tower where he set about investigating a Gallifreyan signal. Finding a giant terraformer that had fused with a ship underground, they watched as a Hyperion called Rann-Korr emerged and proclaimed that the universe would fall.

The Doctor released the ship's coolant gases, allowing him and the others to escape to the TARDIS. He explained that Rann-Korr's reanimation was a result of the terraformer's work, and conceded he had no plan to defeat him. They returned to the surface and made plans with the workers. The Doctor returned to confront Rann-Korr in a last stand. As Rann-Korr prepared to kill the Doctor, the terraformation was reverse-engineered, returning the area of Isen VI around him to its original icy state. The Doctor escaped in the TARDIS, and Rann-Korr was extinguished in the cold. He and Clara bid farewell to the workers and left. (COMIC: Terrorformer)

Discovering that a group of aliens were going to turn a planet of anthropomorphic pink hippopotami into stone, the Doctor intercepted the aliens at the early stages of their invasion and led them to ancient Egypt, where they petrified a large cat-like alien, creating the Sphinx and getting crushed in the process. He and Clara then returned to the planet of the anthropomorphic pink hippopotamuses to reverse the petrified effect. (COMIC: Petrified)

While Clara was having her portrait painted by Leonardo da Vinci in 1505, the Doctor received a summon to 2315 India from an old acquaintance of his, Tiger Maratha, who foresaw a timeless evil. The Doctor and Clara arrived in 2315 to find he had been killed and drained of life, and along with Tiger's daughter Priyanka were confronted by police who attempted to arrest the Doctor. Escaping capture, Priyanka told the Doctor and Clara that Tiger had worked for a group known as the Family Scindas. The Doctor, Clara and Priyanka travelled to the Scindas' ancestral home to find information, however the Doctor stumbled through a dimensional door into 1825 India, where he was attacked by a demon but rescued by renegade Amazon Rani Jhulka. The Doctor and Rani found a necro-cloud harvesting the spirits of the dead, and then attacked by more of the demons. Before they could be overpowered by the demons, the TARDIS arrived, Priyanka having unintentionally activated the telepathic circuits. She told the Doctor Clara had been taken by the demons.

File:Twelve battles Kali.jpg

Back in 2315, the Doctor, Priyanka and Rani found a final recorded message from Tiger made before his death, in which he explained he had collected three of the four mythic swords of the goddess Kali for the Family Scindas and had a premonition of evil over the swords. The Doctor was then summoned to see Chandra Scindas, the patriarch of the Scindas family. The Doctor deduced that they were beings known as the Kaliratha, putting themselves throughout time and space and Hindu mythology. Chandra revealed he had Clara hostage, ready to be burned by the Exodus rocket, forcing the Doctor to agree to find the fourth sword of Kali for them. The Doctor, Priyanka and Rani collected the fourth sword and returned to Chandra, who revealed he had used Clara as a host for the resurrection of Kali. Priyanka took control of the rocket while the Doctor battled with Kali. The Doctor revealed he hid his sonic screwdriver in the fourth sword, so that Kali unwittingly freed the evil spirits from her and released Clara's body, while Rani killed Chandra. The Doctor, Clara, Rani and Priyanka then attended a festival in Mumbai. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

While attempting to hang flowers on the exterior of the TARDIS, the Doctor was spooked by a future Clara and fell out of the TARDIS into the orbit of an asteroid. When Clara's attempt to avert the crisis ended up causing it, the TARDIS was able to save the Doctor by creating a time field around him. (PROSE: A Long Way Down)

The Doctor and Clara turned Captain Ratlett's crew against him and showed them a better life, (COMIC: The Wheelers) were almost consumed by robotic bananas for stealing food from the moon Luna Schlosser, (COMIC: Five a Day) and saved the Cloud City of Mirmi 24 from being eaten by an alien snake. (COMIC: The Very Hungry Snake)

File:12th Doctor Comics The Fractures 3d Glasses.jpg

After stopping a hostile invasion in the future, the Doctor travelled to UNIT HQ, where he had just been in time to shut down a Void portal. The Doctor came into conflict with the Fractures, natives of the Void that possessed humans, who believed they had to drag anyone mark with Void stuff into the Void to protect reality from unravelling. The chaos was started by a UNIT scientist from an alternate Earth, Paul Foster, who wished to be with a version of his family. Recruiting UNIT, Kate Stewart and the Fosters' help, the Doctor and Clara opened the Void, drawing the Fractures back inside and freeing their victims. At Clara's insistence, the Doctor allowed the alternate Paul to join his family in their universe, knowing the Fractures were entirely out for him now. (COMIC: The Fractures)

Preventing a bad future Edit

After visiting an uninhabited world that lacked development in any way, Clara asked the Doctor about Marinus, but he did not remember the planet. That night, as he slept, the Doctor worked out that Clara was up to something, and woke up to find Clara missing and the TARDIS in 1923 Paris.

Looking for Clara in a café, the Doctor ran into his two previous incarnations, who were also heading to meet their respective companions. When the three Doctors barged into the café to confront each other, Clara, Alice Obiefune and Gabby Gonzalez explained that moments before they had entered a version of Gabby from the future, who had warned them of the plan devised by a future "alternate" version of the Twelfth Doctor. The future Twelfth Doctor had used a continuity bomb to make his timeline concrete, and had then returned the Doctors to their own timelines, erasing their memories of the events. The alternate Doctor planned to rise the Voord on Marinus to be a new race of Time Lords and to conquer the universe. Alice had been killed as she fled through his domain, and Gabby had been sent back in time by a Weeping Angel which had grown from the Eleventh Doctor's pack of comics. Realising that the picture of the three meeting still existed, they decided that going to Marinus was still part of the new timeline, and the three left Paris.

On Marinus, the Doctors posed for the picture and purposefully fell into the continuity bomb, where they chose the timeline where the Eleventh Doctor had stayed in the reality where all time occurred at once, as Marinus still existed in that timeline. There, they discovered the crashed Dalek ship which was where the Voord had stolen the technology to create their pocket universe. The Twelfth Doctor convinced the Voord that he was his alternate self, and joined with their hive mind. There, as he distracted all of the Voord subjects with thoughts of ponies, he encountered his alternate self, and the two fought within the mindscape.


Realising that his alternate self was too powerful to take on alone, the Doctor brought his other selves and their companions into the hive mind. They distracted the alternate Doctor as the Eleventh and Tenth Doctors broke down the Voord city's shields and connected the reprogrammed Dalek weapon to the city's dimensional shielding. The Doctors gave their alternate self, now trapped within the hive mind with them, the option to either let his city fry or use the technology in the city to revert the Voord to their pre-Time War state. Convinced by Clara, the alternate Doctor agreed to the latter, even if it meant that he and the timeline he created would cease to exist.

Seeing the new Marinus, populated by large cities and primitive Voord, the six returned to Paris, and considered eating at the café, until they saw the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler seated inside, with the Twelfth Doctor saying that the Ninth Doctor had been left out of the plot due to there being no timeline that even the continuity bomb could find where he was anything but "fantastic."

As the groups departed, the Twelfth Doctor questioned his previous selves decision not to wipe their companions' memories, and noted to Clara that, while he would also never do such a thing to her, she and himself would slowly forget the event as well, as they had both learned about their own futures. As their memories began fading, Clara asked if the Doctor ever wanted to become his previous selves again, much like how she sometimes wished to be a teenager again. Though he avoided answering the question, the Doctor noted that his two predecessors "lived like they had limited time," and that staying in the past was not for them, and that they had to move forward into the future. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Fallout with Clara Edit

At Clara's urging, the Doctor took her and Courtney to the Moon in 2049, so that Courtney could be the first girl on the Moon to bolster her confidence. Landing instead in a recycled space shuttle heading for the moon, the Doctor was informed by Captain Lundvik that the moon had inexplicably gained mass, and that she and her crew were going to use nuclear bombs to dispose of the additional mass.

Investigating a disused mining base from a previous mission, the Doctor, his companions and the astronauts found corpses preserved in webs and research that suggested that the moon was disintegrating. Soon after, the group was attacked by a spider creature, which Courtney killed with washing up equipment, but not before Lundvik's crew were killed.

Taking a scared Courtney back to the TARDIS, the Doctor voiced his uncertainty of the Moon's fate to Clara, calling it a "grey area" in time. Exploring the moon's surface for the reason behind the deterioration, the Doctor, Clara and Lundvik discovered a horde of spider germs beneath the Moon's surface, as well as amniotic fluid, prompting the Doctor to investigate beneath the Moon for answers.

File:Doctor Refusing to Interfere.jpg

Scanning the Moon's core, the Doctor discovered that the Moon was, in fact, an egg for an ancient creature that was hatching. Reuniting with Clara and Lundvik after the shuttle and the TARDIS fell into a canyon, the Doctor informed them of his discovery after establishing contact with Courtney's phone. While Clara and Lundvik argued about killing the creature for the sake of the Earth, the Doctor had Courtney bring the TARDIS to him via DVD, deciding that it was not his place to decide the Moon's future, and left in his TARDIS for Clara, Lundvik and Courtney to decide on behalf of humankind.

After Clara chose to spare the creature, despite humanity voting for its death, the Doctor returned for the three women, taking them to a beach on Earth to see the creature hatch and the Moon harmlessly disintegrate in Earth's atmosphere. Confirming that the sight of the moon hatching kick started the humans pioneering into space, and seeing the creature hatch a new egg with same mass as the old Moon, the Doctor returned Courtney and Clara to Coal Hill School.

File:Stunned Twelve.jpg

However, Clara, angered by the position the Doctor had put her in, asked the Doctor if he had known the egg was harmless, which the Doctor confirmed as true. Tired of the Doctor's apathy, Clara argued with the Doctor about how he had almost caused her to kill an unborn creature. He defended that he was helping the human race by not playing a part in this choice. However, Clara had been deeply hurt by the Doctor's constantly patronising attitude toward humanity, and now that he had demonstrated it with her, Clara felt reduced to the likes of an idiot in the Doctor's eyes. With tears rolling down her face, she told him to leave and not return for her. The Doctor was left stunned by her reaction and immediately took off. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Time alone Edit

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Spending some time away from Clara, the Doctor joined a crew of six travellers, including a young Geoffrey Chaucer, on a journey to the church at Santiago de Compostela to avoid the plague. At the church, one of the travellers gave birth, then the group were attacked by life-feeding aliens disguised as wooden skeletons. However, the aliens recoiled in horror upon seeing the new baby. The Doctor realised the church was actually the aliens' disguised spaceship, and he and the crew escaped as the ship took off and away. The Doctor explained to Chaucer that the baby, representing new life, was enough to frighten away the death-conquering aliens. (PROSE: The Mercy Seats)

Responding to a distress call from Dalek prisoner aboard a Cyber Ship, the Doctor discovered that the Daleks, Cybermen and Sontarans were searching for the Orb of Fates to gain control of a powerful Time Lord weapon called the Starbane. The Doctor joined forces with the Dalek prisoner, who had been altered by the Cybermen and "seen the light" and nicknamed it "Lumpy". Following the Orbs' Artron energy to the Cyber-tombs of Telos, the Doctor restored a minimum of Lumpy's power, not trusting the Dalek to allow full use of its power, and sent him to retrieve the second Orb while he studied the first in the TARDIS.

As Lumpy descended into the depths of Telos, the Doctor discovered that the Orbs were powered by temporal energy; The only way to destroy them was to create a temporal implosion. Leaving Telos for Sontar, the Doctor and Lumpy were trapped in a stasis field by Major Skar, but the Doctor was able to open the field and allow Lumpy to escape undetected while he stayed behind as a diversion. After Lumpy acquired the last Orb and deactivated the stasis field, the Doctor escaped with Lumpy, deciding it best to stay clear of Sontar for a while. They next travelled to the Starbane. However, Lumpy pointed out that it was already occupied by Daleks. When learning Lumpy was not turned to good, Doctor had found a way to access Lumpy's controls remotely and used this ability to destroy the Starbane. (GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek)

On Christmas Eve 2014, the Doctor teamed up with Ceri, an understudy, to fraught an Addos attempt to recreate a Mummers play by genetically altering actors from the Palace Theatre. (PROSE: Behind You)

The Doctor learnt that an invasion fleet of Megrati were planning to attack the planet of Lemaria, a plan he had previously stopped in his first incarnation. The Doctor sent them an invitation to give them some time to talk. While waiting for them to arrive, the Doctor took part in a Freedom Day celebratory play about the original defeat of the Lemaria, playing himself. The Doctor realised his fifth incarnation, Adric, Nyssa and Tegan Jovanka were in the audience before the real Megrati arrived. As his past self and companions watched, the Doctor convinced the Megrati to leave the planet by threatening to destroy their ships. (PROSE: The Constant Doctor)

Clara rejoins Edit

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Reuniting with Clara for a farewell trip, the Doctor took her to a space-bound Orient Express. He later confessed to her that he had chosen the destination with an inkling that something exciting would happen after having been lured with phone calls, mysterious summons and free train tickets. After discovering the death of an elderly passenger, and urging himself to investigate, the Doctor went to the engine room to examine the dead passenger's Excelsior Life Extender, meeting Chief Engineer Perkins in the process, and learned the legend of the Foretold. Seeking advice from Emile Moorhouse, a fellow passenger who was a Professor of Alien Mythology, the Doctor soon discovered a second death had occurred in the kitchen.

Confronting Captain Quell with his theory, but getting ignored, the Doctor joined Perkins and Moorhouse in the engine room to research the deaths. Calling Clara to update her, the Doctor discovered that she and Maisie Pitt were trapped in a storage cart with a sarcophagus. Fearing that Clara was trapped with the Foretold, the Doctor tried to rewire the door open, only to find the sarcophagus empty, and himself under arrest by the Captain for being a stowaway.

However, after witnessing a third death first hand, Quell realised that the Doctor was right and allied with him, just as the Doctor deduced the true nature of the Orient Express; the passengers were all experts and scientists in specific fields of study, gathered there to study the Foretold. With a lab revealed and the hologram passengers disappearing, the train's computer, Gus, gave the scientists the necessary instructions and equipment. Losing Moorhouse to the Foretold, the Doctor and Perkins figured out that the Foretold was targeting the weaker passengers after looking at the medical history of the previous victims, just as Quell was killed by the creature, as he had post-traumatic stress, but not before he gave the Doctor the necessary description to defeat the Foretold.

File:The Doctor Foretold.jpg

Realising that Maisie was next due to her breakdowns, the Doctor told a reluctant Clara to bring Maisie to the lab. Arriving there, the Foretold appeared to Maisie, but the Doctor saved her by implanted a replica of her grief into his head, confusing the Foretold into thinking the Doctor was Maisie. Deducing that the Foretold was an ancient soldier augmented with technology, the Doctor surrendered, and, after a final salute, the ancient soldier crumpled to dust, with only the technology that kept him alive remaining. With the objective completed, Gus released the air out of the cabin, but the Doctor beamed all the dying passengers into the TARDIS, and tired to hack Gus to find out who had created him, but this trigged a security measure, causing the train to self-destruct. Dropping everyone but Clara and Perkins off at the nearest civilised planet, the Doctor waited for Clara to awaken on a beach before explaining everything.

Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor invited Perkins to travel with him, but Perkins politely declined and he and the Doctor bade each other goodbye. Reflecting on a conversation she had with Maisie, Clara, having forgiven the Doctor, decided to continue travelling with him, telling the Doctor that her leaving was all Danny's idea. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

Picking up a signal, the TARDIS arrived on the Quartz Wastes of Asmoray. Although the Doctor believed it was an uninhabited wasteland, Clara pointed out there was a harvester nearby extracting electricity from the quartz. The Doctor and Clara were brought aboard the harvester by two workers, where beings within the electricity had broken through and killed four workers. Their leader, Luther, was insistent on continuing their work regardless. Investigating, the Doctor and Clara found the creatures were only attacking because they were being sucked into the harvester's storage batteries. With Clara's help, the Doctor was able to free the electricity beings back into the quartz. (COMIC: The Body Electric)

Heading for Rome, the Doctor and Clara wound up in a Germanic forest, where they were apprehended and taken into a nearby encampment. There they learnt that robotic mosquitoes were spreading disease and killing off dozens of soldiers. Tracking the energy fields of the mosquitoes to a tower in the woods, the Doctor discovered the occupants were using the mosquitoes to search for a cure to a plague infecting their own world. The Doctor convinced them to leave. Although Clara was worried about the rest of the sick soldiers, the Doctor told her to leave them, saying that everybody dies. (PROSE: Silver Mosquitoes)

The Doctor and Clara travelled to the Sands Hotel in 1964 Las Vegas after the Doctor found some tickets to see Frankie Seneca in a drawer. After proving to be a surprisingly good gambler, he caught the attention of Johnny Dragotta, who accused him of cheating. However, they were distracted when Mikey Nero, who was thought to have been killed, arrived, demanding control of the hotel. The Doctor unmasked Mikey as a disguised agent of the Cybock Imperium, who began attacking the hotel. While trying to immobilise it, the Doctor was grabbed and throttled by the Imperium, but was saved by Sonny Lawson.

The Doctor and Sonny discovered the Imperium's ships, and rescued Clara from their captivity. Clara gave the Doctor a Time Gun of Rassilon, which had been in the alien's possession. As the Imperiums attacked the hotel, the Doctor intervened and offered the aliens a game of Russian roulette with the gun. Although they agreed, the Doctor knew the gun would not work on a Time Lord, and it would self-destruct if one attempted to use it on a Time Lord. When the aliens' leader, Kronos, attempted to shoot the Doctor with the gun, it accordingly wiped away his timeline, and the other Cybocks with him. The Doctor, Clara and Sonny then finally went to see Seneca perform. (COMIC: Gangland)


The Doctor and Clara attempted to go to Margate but ended up landing in 1845 Derbyshire, where they encountered a woman called Charlotte. They helped her to her lodge, the North Lees Hall. There, the Doctor accepted an offer from Lord Malborough to stay at the house upon learning of a mysterious "dreaming sickness". That night, the Doctor was attacked by a possessed servant, which he suspected to be linked to the sickness. The following day, during Malborough's preparations for a house party, the Doctor and Charlotte discovered a salvaged space vessel in a barn, the Doctor deducing that there was an alien influence to the sickness. They crashed the party to find Clara and the guests being attacked by a possessed Malborough with insects. Escaping the possessed guests, the Doctor and Charlotte discovered the source of the possessions was an Aranox, taking everyone's psychic energy. The Aranox refused to take mercy and attacked the Doctor and Charlotte with insects. However, Malborough was freed from his possession and attacked the Aranox with a lantern, setting it on fire and breaking the psychic control. As the house burned down, everyone escaped, but the Doctor felt guilty for the Aranox as it had been the last of its kind. As Charlotte left for a village with Malborough, she revealed her full name was Charlotte Brontë. Clara was humoured to learn that the Doctor and the events of the story had been the inspiration for Jane Eyre, and suggested to him they go get some fish and chips. (COMIC: Unearthly Things)

Taking Clara to the Taj Mahal in India for a holiday, the Doctor was chosen to act as a hostage by Stellar Nexus while Nexus tried to get payment for Earth's supposed tax bills. When the Doctor challenged Nexus's claim by pointing out the illogic in his statement, and then insulted him by asking why he had never heard of Nexus's Empire, the Doctor was locked in a cell while an illusion of him was set against a dragon in a gladiator battle. When Clara managed to pilot the TARDIS into the Doctor's cell, the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to deactivate Nexus's illusions, exposing that Stellar Nexus was a child-sized con artist whose entire Empire was an illusion. Sending the defeated Nexus away, the Doctor decided to treat Clara to a curry. (COMIC: Empire's Fall)

The Doctor took Clara to see the Lights of Tanzarr, but instead found that the Nameless Mist had entered his dimension and was threatening to devour the cosmos. Originally wanting to flee, the Doctor was convinced by Clara to save the inhabitants of Ferrous-Ferra, and was inspired to recruit Cold Steel to headline the "loudest rock show in history of sound". While Clara triangulated the transmissions to cover the local galaxy, the Doctor used the loud music to thwart off the Nameless Mist. With the day saved, the Doctor returned to the concert to celebrate with crowd surfing. (COMIC: The Big Hush)

Trying to return Clara home, the Doctor instead landed in Bristol when the Boneless began draining power from the TARDIS, drawing it off course and causing the exterior to shrink. Sending Clara to find the cause, the Doctor re-entered the TARDIS to study the shrinking effect, only for the TARDIS to shrink further, trapping him inside. Equipping Clara with his psychic paper and sonic screwdriver, the Doctor used nanotechnology to hack into Clara's optic nerve and establish a visual contact with the outer world. After Clara recruited the aid of a local named Rigsy, pretending to be the Doctor while doing so, the duo discovered that creatures from a two-dimensional universe were killing and dissecting missing locals to understand their three-dimensional bodies.

After discovering that Clara had lied to him about Danny's approval, the Doctor realised that a mural dedicated to local missing people was in fact the missing people, killed and worn by the creatures as camouflage. With Clara leading a gang of surviving community servers, the Doctor theorised that the creatures were trying to communicate, and that the deaths were but a mere misunderstanding. When the theory was proved wrong, the Doctor invented a 2Dis — a device that could reverse the creatures' flattening abilities — as Clara and her gang retreated to an underground tunnel.

File:Twelve Tiny TARDIS Railroad Track Peril.jpg

After Clara accidentally dropped the TARDIS onto a train line, the Doctor activated the TARDIS' siege mode to protect it from an oncoming train. Now unable to even open the doors, which had been removed by the activation of siege mode, and with the life support systems failing as the power drain continued, the Doctor congratulated Clara for being worthy of the title Doctor, unsure if she could hear him or even if she was still alive. Clara and Rigsy were able to trick the creatures into supplying the TARDIS with the necessary power to restore it to full working conditions. Naming his adversaries the Boneless, and declaring himself as "The man that stops the monsters." the Doctor banished them back to their home universe. The Doctor then took the survivors to the surface. (TV: Flatline)

File:The Eye of Torment.jpg

The Doctor landed on the Pollyanna, the first of the Ninth Era sunships, which had been on an expedition to circumnavigate the Sun. Seeing one of the Umbra come out of the Sun and enter a plasma intake, the Doctor rushed to the plasma lab and carried the injured Professor Alice Dubrovnik to safety. The Umbra, who had been trapped in the chromosphere for millions of years, began swarming the Pollyanna, anchoring the ship to the Sun to try and hijack it and use it as a way of reaching Earth. As the Umbra on board took on more humans as vehicles, the Doctor was ejected out of a plasma intake to attract the Umbra to his regret. He set up the final link to Alice's graviton inverter on the hull of the ship, allowing Alice to briefly boost the inverter and create a secondary gravity envelope, which inverted the gravity and the heat, freezing the Umbra on the ship to death. (COMIC: The Eye of Torment)

File:DWM 482 12 and Sontaran.jpg

The Doctor tried taking Clara to the frost fair in 1641, but instead, was drawn off course and landed in the Sahara Desert in 1941, where they were captured by Nazis. While requesting business with Field Marshall Rommel, the Doctor learnt from Rommel that Germany's allies, the Tuareg tribesmen, had made new extraterrestrial allies. The Doctor believed it was urgent to see the Tuareg and went with Rommel to meet them. After being taken to the tribe's chieftain, Bhaki, to see these "men from the stars" Bhaki introduced the Doctor and Rommel to the Tuareg's new allies, the Sontarans. The Sontaran commander Kygon Brox, believing the Doctor was looking for the Sontaran world engine weapon, the Warsong, tried interrogating the Doctor with a mind scythe. The Doctor made the link go the other way, and Kygon explained the history of the weapon to the Doctor. He told the Doctor that the Warsong was taken to Earth, and that there was someone seeking the weapon after signals from it began increasing exponentially. The Doctor realised that the "highly decorated" Nazi officer Heinz Bruckner wasn't who he claimed he was, but a Rutan spy and watched from a distance as the Warsong was triggered.

Realising that Bruckner took Clara with him to the Warsong's activation, the Doctor came up with a plan to converge the Allied, Axis and Sontaran forces towards the still-forming Warsong to distract Bruckner while he and Rommel sneaked into the Warsong and broke through its defences. The Doctor stopped Bruckner from conducting the millennia-old preset programming of the Warsong by using a Sontaran osmic projector to send Bruckner's trigger mechanism through time. Rommel threw Bruckner into the Warsong, killing him, while the Doctor destroyed the "orchestra" of the Warsong by using his sonic screwdriver to blow it up. Afterwards, he brought Clara to the frost fair. (COMIC: The Instruments of War)

After spending some time on his own, the Doctor landed in London, only to find it and the rest of the world overrun by trees after Maebh Arden, a student of Coal Hill Year 8 Gifted and Talented Group under Clara and Danny's care, looked for the Doctor after hearing about him in what Maebh believed was a thought that came from Clara. With his theories constantly being proven wrong, the Doctor came to the conclusion that the trees' sudden overgrowth was an act of aggression, while also dealing with Clara's students in his TARDIS after Clara and Danny arrived to collect Maebh, only for Maebh to slip away in the commotion, just as the Doctor noticed her homework had predicted the events of that day.

File:Twelve Talks to Trees.jpg

Following Maebh deeper into the forest, the Doctor discovered that a sentience identifying itself as "the life that prevail[ed]" had caused the overgrowth, in preparation for a devastating solar flare about to hit the Earth. Believing Earth doomed, Clara inquired him to use the TARDIS as a lifeboat, only to inform him that she had said that to get him back to his TARDIS so he could survive the catastrophe alone. Despite some reluctance, Clara eventually convinced him to leave. Immediately afterwards, having discovered upon further reflection that the trees were going to absorb the harmful solar flares by pumping the atmosphere with excess oxygen, "like a massive, highly inflammable air bag", the Doctor returned to Clara and explained his discovery to the Gifted and Talented Group.

When he was informed of a government operation aiming to destroy the trees, the Doctor opened every mobile network on the planet to allow Maebh the opportunity to deliver a speech written by the Gifted and Talented Group to leave the trees alone. With Danny taking the children to their homes, the Doctor and Clara watched the trees that grown around the world harvesting and extinguishing the solar fire in the TARDIS, and then returned to watch the trees disappear on Clara's balcony. (TV: In the Forest of the Night)


The Doctor and Clara travelled to a galactic auction in Earth's orbit where unclaimed storage was being bid on, with the storage pod belonging to Hyphen T Hyphen, a reclusive collector, containing a mother Rigellan Hyper-Kraken, which began killing everyone when the pod was opened. Before the mother Hyper-Kraken's eggs could hatch, the Doctor widened the dimensional shunt's focus on the Hyper-Kraken, her eggs and the storage pods and safely transported them elsewhere. (COMIC: Space Invaders!)

The Doctor attempted to take Clara to Blackpool, but they ended up arriving in 2089, by which point the pleasure beach had become an overgrown jungle. The Doctor befriended and named Meghan, a wounded donkey shot by a man called Triss, who was planning a hunting trip in hover pods powered by the Blackpool Tower. The Doctor shut down the power, ending Triss' hunting plans. The Doctor and Clara had a dance in a ballroom, and then he enjoyed a play in the water with Meghan. (PROSE: All the Empty Towers)

File:Twelve Clara attacked.jpg

The Doctor and Clara went on a tour of Snowcap University in Antarctica in 2048. While taking a helicopter ride, they learnt that one of the students, Polly Evans, had stayed behind at the end of term to join the classified Project Sub-Zero. When another student, Quinn Norton, who also a part of Project Sub-Zero, was killed in a helicopter crash the Doctor and Clara narrowly avoided being on along with Polly's father George, they returned to Snowcap U to investigate. With the help of the spy Paul South, the Doctor found an ice cavern where the missing students had been experimented on, engineered by Dr Patricia Audley to survive in extreme cold. To their shock, the Doctor and Clara also met Winnie Clarence, one of Clara's splinters who refused to accept her only purpose was to save him. Paul and Winnie released most of the imprisoned humans from captivity.

The Doctor transmitted a signal with his sonic causing Dr Audley's animals to go wild. After feigning betrayal of the two, Winnie threw the Doctor the key to free the hybrid subjects from their cells, and saved the Doctor's life by pulling Dr Audley into a vat of liquid ice after Audley pulled a gun on him. Dr Audley was killed, but Winnie survived when she unwittingly had a syringe of Dr Audley's experimental blue blood serum injected into her, allowing her to live inside the ice. Clara realised that this meant that not all of the splinters died saving the Doctor, and several of them had lives of their own. (COMIC: Blood and Ice)

The darkest hour Edit

The Doctor rejoined Clara for a trip, where she suggested they go see a volcano. As the Doctor set the TARDIS to go, Clara attempted to put a mood patch on his neck, but the Doctor realised what she was doing and turned it on her. Not realising she was drugged, Clara imagined being at the volcano and throwing all the Doctor's TARDIS keys into lava, to blackmail him to save Danny, who had been killed in a road accident. The Doctor refused, and Clara came out of her dream state after destroying all the TARDIS keys. Despite her betrayal, the Doctor agreed to search for an afterlife to find Danny.

The Doctor and Clara arrived at 3W, which held dead bodies in water tanks. They were greeted by Missy, who identified herself as a greeting droid and kissed the Doctor as part of her greeting routine. They met Dr. Chang, who showed them the use of dark water in the mausoleum. Clara received a call from Danny, who was in the Nethersphere, and the Doctor and Chang left her to take it.


The Doctor and Chang discovered that the water tanks that held the bodies were being drained by Missy, who killed Chang and revealed that all the tanks held Cybermen, who were preparing to invade Earth. Escaping the building, which he discovered St Paul's Cathedral, the Doctor tried to warn away nearby people, but Missy called out his warnings as insanity, and told him it was too late. The Doctor asked for her identity, and, to his shock, Missy revealed she was Missy, (TV: Dark Water) before she and the Doctor were apprehended by UNIT and brought aboard the plane Boat One, where the Doctor was made President of Earth to battle the Cybermen. Missy overpowered UNIT, killed Osgood, and attempted to kill the Doctor by blowing up the plane, but the Doctor survived his fall to Earth by skydiving into the TARDIS. He travelled to a cemetery and reunited with Clara, who was comforting a converted Danny. Missy arrived and, as a "birthday present", gave the Doctor control of all the Cybermen.


Missy planned to turn the Doctor into the leader of the new army, intending to prove that the two of them were not that different after all, believing that she had put him in the impossible position of either accepting control of the army and using it to "save" the universe or letting humanity die and conquer the universe as the Cybermen. However, reflecting on his past, the Doctor realised that he was just a man in a box who travelled around to help where he could, proclaiming that he was not a good man, a bad man, the leader of an army or a President. He then turned command of the army over to Danny, realising that the teacher had held on to his love for Clara even with his emotions deactivated, who led the Cybermen into the clouds where they self-destructed and stopped the rainfall from converting the living. A devastated Missy told the Doctor he could find Gallifrey in its original location with coordinates she provided, but Clara threatened to kill Missy for what she had done, until the Doctor prepared to do it himself. However, a rogue Cyberman disintegrated Missy instead, (TV: Death in Heaven) though the Doctor knew she had found a way to survive. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) The Doctor realised it was his old friend the Brigadier — resurrected as a Cyberman — helping him again. The Doctor saluted the Brigadier, fulfilling a lifelong wish of his old friend, noting that the Brigadier would never be anywhere else but by his side when Earth and the Doctor faced their darkest hour.


The Doctor entered the coordinates Missy gave him into the TARDIS and looked at his location, expecting to find Gallifrey. However, it turned out the coordinates were false and led to nowhere. With his only way to find Gallifrey gone, the Doctor attacked the TARDIS console in a furious rage, before breaking down emotionally. Meeting up with Clara in a café, and believing that she was back with Danny, the Doctor lied to her that he had found Gallifrey so as to allow her to continue with her life. Upon hearing this, Clara told him that she was happy and ready to settle down with, and they both bid farewell and parted ways. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Dreaming of Santa Edit

Sometime later, the Doctor was attacked by a dream crab, which put him into a scenario where he was brooding alone in his drifting TARDIS, (TV: Last Christmas) and was snapped out of his funk as when he heard Santa Claus knocking on the TARDIS door, asking the Doctor what he wanted for Christmas. (TV: Death in Heaven)

The Doctor travelled to Clara's home and collected her from her rooftop, where she had also encountered Santa. Urging her to believe in him, they arrived at a North Pole base, which they found was under attack from dream crabs. Santa arrived to help with the problem, but Clara was attacked by a crab and fell into a dream state. As no one could find a way to remove the crab from her face, the Doctor let himself be attacked by one to get her out of her dream before the crab could kill her.

File:Twelve Pulling Santa's Sleigh.jpg

Entering Clara's dream, the Doctor found she was dreaming of spending Christmas with Danny, and learned that Danny was dead. The Doctor urged her to break out of the dream, after Danny bid her farewell. Waking up in the base, the Doctor came to the realisation that everyone in the base was dreaming, having been attacked by crabs after they arrived. They woke up from the dream and the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, but Clara reminded the Doctor of Santa having been on her roof, and he realised they were still dreaming from different places and times. The infected personnel in the base began to attack the survivors, however, everyone managed to escape by dreaming Santa was flying them home. The Doctor, Clara and the base scientists flew over London as they each woke up back in their own times.

Waking up where he had been, the Doctor travelled to Clara's home and removed the dream crab attached to her, only to find it had been sixty-two years since he left her and she was now an old woman. Clara filled her in on the years, but the Doctor felt remorseful of leaving her when he did. Santa suddenly appeared and asked the Doctor what he'd do if he had another chance, and the Doctor woke up from his dream, this time for real. He saved the younger Clara from the crab. Spurred on by what could have happened to her, the Doctor invited her to resume her travels with him, and she accepted. They set off together in the TARDIS, the Doctor remarking that he rarely got second chances with his companions, and commenting that he didn't know who to thank for this one. (TV: Last Christmas)

Second chance with Clara Edit

File:Clara Birthday Comic Back Up Story.jpg

The Doctor tried to throw Clara a surprise birthday party with varying incarnations and forms of herself, but after Clara noted the rules of time preventing one from meeting themselves, he admitted they were just disguised aliens. (COMIC: The Partying of the Ways) They then went to see a silent movie at Cinema Paradoxo, which turned out to star actual Silents, resulting in them forgetting the film. (COMIC: Silver Screenesis)

After Clara accidentally freed the Djinx from his imprisonment, the Doctor was trapped in his TARDIS by the vengeful entity. Sending Clara instructions on her phone, the Doctor was able to instruct Clara on how to defeat the Djinx and free himself. (COMIC: Doctor in a Bottle)

Following Clara's request to meet the Greek storyteller Homer, the Doctor found himself drugged by an innkeeper and bound to a post with Homer and Clara to be fed to a bunch of Cyclopes. Before he could be eaten, however, the Doctor managed to convince the Cyclopes to listen to Homer's harp, and the young man's music soothed the hungry Cyclopes to sleep. Using a Sub-conscience reading reality device, the Doctor discovered that the beasts were refugees from a war that had destroyed their world and, after using his device to convert them to a vegetarian diet, the Doctor let Clara convince them to live in peace in the hills. (COMIC: Doctor on the Menu)

File:Paris 1944 celebrations.jpg

The Doctor and Clara visited the liberation of Paris in 1944, where they thwarted a plan by the Darapok Empire to brainwash humanity into destroying itself by destroying their transmitter on the Eiffel Tower, and then frightening them off. (COMIC: Trust)


The Doctor learnt from a friend of his, Hitch, that a sentient super-weapon called the Hadax Ura had gone missing. Hitch was putting together a recovery team and needed the Doctor's technical expertise. The Doctor agreed to join the team, dragging Clara away from her class to assist. As the ship carrying the team headed for the planet carrying the weapon, Unnamed BX-4, the Hadax Ura shot the ship down, revealing the weapon's location, but everyone on board was able to escape with jetpacks. Clara was attacked by pterosaurs and dropped into the Jungle.

The Doctor went off on his own to look for Clara, and found Clara with an organic avatar who had taken on the appearance of Danny. The avatar told them that the Hadax Ura had been "devouring" the Jungle, and turning its indigenous life into an army, and asked them either to destroy the weapon, or to take it elsewhere. The Doctor realised that this meant it intended to end the war between the Hub Alliance and the Axis Worlds, and the Hadax Ura began augmenting the crew to become its foot soldiers. Believing it had augmented Clara as well, the Hadax Ura had actually linked the Jungle's computer systems to its own after augmenting the avatar. The avatar appeared to shut down the Hadax Ura and its augmented soldiers, but in fact, the Hadax Ura had tricked Hitch's team to bring it on board the lander as a means of escape for the Hadax Ura. The Doctor took his jet pack to infiltrate the lander, and found the Hadax Ura had taken over Hitch's body. Realising that Hitch's mind had been completely overwritten by the Hadax Ura, the Doctor ejected the Hadax Ura, and Hitch's body, out of the lander's airlock, burning both up on re-entry unprotected. (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle)

After picking Clara up, the Doctor was challenged to some board games. The Doctor got so frustrated at losing he travelled back in time repeatedly to try beat her. It took him over seventy-four times until he finally won a game. (COMIC: The Board Games)

The Doctor and Clara arrived in Highgate Cemetery in 1972, where intruding upon a cult meeting, they were attacked by vampire-like creatures called the Corvids, which petrified the TARDIS and fed on people's psychic essence, but were trapped inside the cemetery. He discovered that Clara's exposure to his time stream had rendered her toxic to the Corvids' powers, and that exposing themselves to her left a psychic corridor open. Using the psychic signature of the dead amplified by the ley line the cemetery was built on, the Doctor banished the Corvids back to the time vortex. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror)

The Hyperions rise again Edit


The Doctor and Clara arrived in 2015 London to find it as a burnt wasteland. Although the Doctor knew they were in 2015, Clara believed they'd gone off-course. Clara wandered into Westminster Abbey as the Doctor investigated the streets. Scanning the streets, he found traces of human DNA amongst the ashes. He was threatened with a gun by a panicked man. Overpowering him with Venusian karate, the Doctor learnt from the man that "the scorched" were rising. The Doctor observed that there was no wind in the air, whereupon the man was attacked and possessed by Hyperions. The Doctor then found himself facing many Hyperion-possessed humans, but was able to defeat them with the help of Clara and Sam, a firefighter.

Sam brought the Doctor and Clara to the London Underground, where people had taken refugee from the Hyperion invasion. The Doctor, reappointed by UNIT as President of Earth, learnt that the Hyperions had divided England up with firewalls, particularly operating machinery in Sussex. The Doctor, Clara and Sam bypassed the Sussex firewall via TARDIS and found that captured humans were being enslaved by the Hyperions to build a fusion web. Clara tried to intervene, but in doing so caused Hyperion "angels" to appear. Fleeing back to the TARDIS, an angel got on board, but Sam knocked her out by spraying her with a fire extinguisher. Deducing that the angel had been transmogrified by the Hyperions, the Doctor bio-linked her to the TARDIS telepathic circuits to restore her human consciousness. The TARDIS materialised by the sun, where the Hyperions were building the fusion web to consume its energy. Although the Doctor believed they were out of range, the web was already powerful enough to attack the TARDIS.

File:Twelve recovers essence.jpg

Dra-Khan, a Hyperion warlord, stormed the TARDIS and revealed the Hyperions survived the destruction of Hyperios by hiding on Neptune. The angel, in actuality the reanimated human, Jane Weir, regained her consciousness and attacked Dra-Khan and the other Hyperions, driving them away. The Doctor persuaded Weir to join their side, and after defeating an onslaught of Scorched in London, revealed he had weaponised a cold bomb to defeat the Hyperions. Back at the Sussex firewall, the Doctor released the human slaves from captivity as Clara and Sam attacked the base. Sam attempted to detonate the cold bomb, but it failed and he was killed. The Doctor conceded that the Hyperions had won, as the fusion web was completed. But when it was activated, he revealed that the bomb had merely been a distraction so that he could hack the TARDIS into the web and pull the Hyperions five billion years into the future, where the sun died. As the web began collapsing, the Doctor and Clara escaped to the TARDIS as Weir held off the Hyperions. However, unwilling to let anyone else die after Sam's death, the Doctor pulled Weir's psychic essence from the TARDIS' telepathic circuits, allowing her presence to be with her family. (COMIC: The Hyperion Empire)

Pursuing the Glamour Edit

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Arriving on the SS Berry Gordy in the 53rd century, the Doctor and Clara saved pop-star India Summer from being kidnaped by a band of Skinks hired by her manager, Gavor Vek-Haart. (COMIC: Hyperballad)

Returning to Coal Hill School to pickup Clara, the Doctor found the world had been gassed into a deep sleep by the Somnosian Empire. Using an antidote to awaken the populace, the Doctor allowed the Somnosians to retreat when the armed forces arrived. (COMIC: Beauty Sleep)

The Doctor and Clara responded to a party invitation from Susan Foreman, only to discover they had been lured into a trap by the Celestial Toymaker, who explained that his Toyroom was breaking down from old age, and that he had entrapped the Doctor for help. Seeing a kinship with his enemy, the Doctor relinquished his TARDIS to the Toymaker, knowing that it was the only way to help him. Escaping to the control room, the Doctor jettisoned the Zero Room with the Toymaker still inside, allowing the Toymaker to have it as his new Toyroom. (COMIC: Relative Dimensions)

The Doctor and Clara arrived in a forest on a planet, where the TARDIS was stolen by dragons. Navigating to a nearby village, they learned from the Lord Mortigan that they were on a planet designed to resemble medieval times, with the dragons being the planet's natural inhabitants, which had been genetically modified. The dragons had been freed from being inhibited by inhibitor chips by a person known as the Dragon Lord, who aimed to wipe out the townspeople, having already killed the royalty. Although the Doctor declared his intent to leave and let the townspeople get what they "deserved" for enslaving the dragons, Clara reminded him that he shouldn't decide which lives were worth saving. The Doctor, Clara and the town's remaining lords set off to reason with the Dragon Lord. Along the way, they ran into a baby hatchling, but Lord Mortigan killed it, causing its parents to attack the party. The Doctor was separated from Clara in the chaos, and found a dragon which had been injured by a booby trap. The Doctor found that the dragon did not possess a chip, casting doubt over his belief that the Dragon Lord was controlling their chips. Reuniting with Clara at the Red Castle, they found that the Dragon Lord had been killed, believing they would have been grateful to him for liberating them. The Doctor and Clara retrieved the TARDIS from the dragons' treasure hoard and left, calling rescue ships to evacuate the planet of humans to allow the dragons to live in peace. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

The Doctor and Clara were summoned by Harry Houdini, and found themselves in a crystalline computer program inside a crystal ball which fed on their despair. The program set up theatrical death traps with no way out so their minds could be ripened for it, but the Doctor, Clara and Houdini escaped. The Doctor revealed the virtual environment with his sonic screwdriver. The Doctor, Clara and Houdini then fought back by imagining what made them feel the most free, which shattered the prison and returned them to the real world. They found the owner of the crystal ball prison, Diamanda, had been completely consumed by the crystal ball's power and killed. When Houdini regretted his inability to commune with the dead, the Doctor and Clara reassured him that his legacy would be remembered forever. (COMIC: Theatre of the Mind)

The Doctor had planned to create an entry for The Great Martian Bake-Off, but while in the middle of a phone call with Clara, found she had gone missing at a Halloween Fayre at Coal Hill School. At Coal Hill, the Doctor had found that superstitions had been coming true, and after getting rid of a bear, followed clues to find what happened to Clara. At the end of the trail of clues, the Doctor found the mischievous time traveller Miss Chief, who told the Doctor that she sent Clara back in time with the Witchfinder General Matthew Hopkins, who threw Clara into the water to see if she was a witch. Miss Chief saved Clara's life in the 17th century, and back at Coal Hill School in the 21st century, played a space-time scavenger hunt game with the Doctor. When Miss Chief lost, she told the Doctor Clara's whereabouts.

When the Doctor came to rescue Clara, she accidentally named the Doctor as a witch, and both of them were to be executed. Miss Chief brought them back to the 21st century before they could be hanged. The Doctor and Clara convinced Miss Chief to bring them back to retrieve the TARDIS and save a falsely accused woman called Agnes Leech from the dungeons, and unwittingly brought the missing cat Smudge with them. Clara convinced the mob that Hopkins was a witch and Smudge was his familiar, but the Doctor prevented them from murdering Hopkins by sneakily putting Miss Chief's time travelling marotte in his belt, forcing Miss Chief to save his life. The Doctor and Clara escaped, and returned to Coal Hill.

Clara told the Doctor that the Halloween Fayre, which she believed was unsuccessful, was her idea, and she intended to have funds raised in memory of Danny. However, because of the Doctor and Miss Chief bringing extinct animals and rare artefacts to the 21st century as part of Miss Chief's scavenger hunt game and her making superstitions coming true, the publicity from paranormal, wildlife and antiques experts made Clara's fundraiser at the Halloween Fayre a success, and a few months later, Clara opened the Danny Pink IT Suite, which the Doctor was also present at. (COMIC: Witch Hunt)

Abandoning young Davros Edit

While looking for a bookshop, the Doctor found himself on a battlefield during the Thousand Year War on Skaro, and encountered a young boy trapped in a field of Handmines, and, during the rescue attempt, learned that the boy was Davros. When he "should have been brave enough, [and] strong enough to do something better", the Doctor fled the battlefield, unwilling to save or kill the boy who would create the Daleks. Afterwards, an older Davros, having become "very sick", asked to see the Doctor "while there [was] still time". (TV: The Doctor's Meditation, The Magician's Apprentice)

File:Doctor entrusts Ohila.jpg

While Colony Sarff searched for him, the Doctor prepared a confession dial to be delivered to Missy, and went to the planet Karn to met with Ohila and the Sisterhood of Karn. After hiding from Colony Sarff behind a rock, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) the Doctor was told by Ohila that he owed "that creature" nothing by partaking in a confrontation, warning him his actions would spell his end. Giving Ohila his confession dial before departing, the Doctor proclaimed that he would find a rock to meditate on in preparation for his possible destruction. (WC: Prologue)

File:The doctor's Meditation 1.jpg

Travelling to Essex in 1138 A.D., (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) the Doctor gained a servant in Bors when he removed a splinter from him. After three hours of meditation in a castle, the Doctor decided he needed better drinking water, and gathered the locals to dig a well. After eleven days of finding a supply of water, and another day to construct the well, the Doctor, rather than resume his meditation, decided to make improvements to the castle, such as adding a sunroof to the throne room, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) building a first-class, child-friendly visitor centre, teaching the locals mathematics and introducing the word "Dude" to the 12th century. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

While additions to the throne room went underway, the Doctor had a conversation with Bors about him avoiding his meditation. Four days afterwards, the Doctor finally decided to begin mediating again before leaving the next day, and also divulged to Bors the reasons he had for being reclusive. (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) For his last day at the castle, the Doctor decided to have an axe fight with Bors, and arrived on a tank playing an electric guitar. While trying to get the crowd to understand his jokes, he realised Clara and Missy had tracked him to the castle, whereupon Bors was attacked by Colony Sarff, who demanded that the Doctor attend to Davros. Reminded of his shame at leaving the young Davros behind, the Doctor reluctantly agreed to go as a prisoner, with Clara insisting she and Missy be taken prisoner too.

File:Twelve and Davros.jpg

Sarff brought the trio to Davros' infirmary, where he was dying. While Clara and Missy were left in a cell block, the Doctor went to see Davros, who revealed to the Doctor that he had remembered his childhood encounter with the Doctor and revealed they were on Skaro. On a monitor, the Doctor saw that Clara and Missy had escaped their cell and been captured by the Daleks, who had also procured the TARDIS. Missy was seemingly exterminated as she tried to convince the Daleks to work with her. The Doctor begged Davros to save Clara, but Davros denied having control of the Daleks, and the Doctor was forced to watch as Clara was exterminated as well. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

File:Doctor in Davros's Chair.jpg

As the TARDIS was redistributed, (TV: The Witch's Familiar) Davros mocked the Doctor for his compassion towards others resulting in his victory against him, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) but the Doctor, wielding a Dalek gunstick, ignored Davros and forcibly removed him from his chair so he could ride in it and be safe from the Daleks' firepower. He then headed to the congregation of Daleks, and mocked them for being unable to shoot him when they tried. After his demand to know what happened to Clara was answered by the Supreme Dalek in confirmation of her demise, the Doctor was restrained by Colony Sarff and brought back to Davros's infirmary.

At the infirmary, the Doctor spoke with Davros, who revealed that he was able to sustain his live by siphoning off the Daleks' heartbeats through his life support system, and offered to give the Doctor control of this to commit unprovoked genocide upon the Daleks. Though tempted, the Doctor chose to be compassioned and refused to act. Davros then asked the Doctor why he left Gallifrey, and refused to be believe that the Doctor had simply left out of boredom. When Davros brought forth the Confessional dial to learn the truth, the Doctor instead took the opportunity retrieve his sonic sunglasses, and also told Davros that he had saved Gallifrey, to which Davros congratulated him and, looking at the Doctor with his own eyes, was able to convince the Doctor that he was truly dying. Tearfully pleading with the Doctor to show him some understanding, the Doctor decided to give Davros his last wish: to see the sunlight with his true eyes one last time.

File:Doctor Regeneration Energy Siphoned.jpg

When Davros could no long keep them open by the time the sun rose, the Doctor proceeded to give Davros a bit of regenerative energy, but was seized by Colony Sarff and drained to regenerate Davros and all the Daleks on Skaro. He was saved when Missy killed Sarff, and revealed to Davros that he had guessed his plan all along and had tricked Davros; the regenerative energy Davros had used to renew himself and his creations had also been distributed through the sewers beneath the city, and the decaying remains of the ancient Daleks they contained had awoken and begun to emerge. While fleeing the city, the Doctor and Missy came across a Dalek that Missy claimed had killed Clara. The Doctor demanded the Dalek tell him if this was true, but the Dalek kept babbling incoherently. When it began to beg for mercy, the Doctor, suspicious, demanded it open its casing, and found that Clara had been trapped inside the Dalek, and the Doctor, furious with her, told Missy to run as he freed Clara.

The Doctor and Clara then entered the room housing the congregation of Daleks, and the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to rematerialise the redistributed TARDIS and flee. As he and Clara watched the Dalek City crumble, the Doctor realised that he could teach mercy to the young Davros. (TV: The Witch's Familiar) Armed with the Dalek gunstick, the Doctor returned to the misty battlefield as the young Davros cried for help, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) and saved him by firing on the Handmines. When questioned whether he was the enemy, the Doctor told Davros that friends and enemies didn't matter "so long as [there was] mercy," and then lead the boy to his home. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Continued travels with Clara Edit

The Doctor and Clara continued their travels together, encountering "monsters, [and] things blowing up," and also visiting a place where people with long necks had celebrated New Years Day for two centuries. (TV: Under the Lake)

After saving Zeltran Bta from an invader with a Chaos Ray, the Doctor was informed that his activities had been advertised. Tracking the advert to Sterlana, the Doctor was greeted by Zip Betterblast, who introduced himself as the Doctor's self-appointed agent and had his robots give the Doctor a costume change for an interview. Cutting the interview short to deal with a Andromedan Feline Gigantoform, the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to stun the beast, and then discovered that Betterblast had used cybernetic implants to control the Feline Gigantoform. Exposing Betterblast to the public for the Shadow Proclamation to arrest him, the Doctor redoned his clothes and left with Clara to get coffee. (COMIC: Time and PR in Space)

File:Twelve watches Eight.jpg

The Doctor and Clara attended an auction of the works of Lady Josephine and purchased a living animae particle portrait of her. (COMIC: Briarwood) Knowing that the portrait would eventually become Josie Day, a companion of his eighth incarnation, the Doctor left her in 21st century Wales in an old cottage of his, telling her his former self would show her the things she needed to see. The Doctor also left a to-do list in his copy of Jane Eyre for his former self to find, knowing that the adventures would help Josie build her self-confidence and see herself as far more than a painting. The Doctor and Clara later watched the Eighth Doctor and Josie as they acknowledged the events that had brought them together. (COMIC: A Matter of Life and Death)

Arriving in an underwater base called the Drum in the year 2119, the Doctor found that the TARDIS was "unhappy" with her surroundings, and he and Clara then wandered around the base to find it empty with signs of struggle. Seeing two apparitions of a Tivolian and human male, they stumbled upon a spaceship marked with foreign wording, which the Doctor found untranslatable. The apparitions then chased the Doctor and Clara to a Faraday cage, containing the base's crew; Cass, Tim Lunn, Alice O'Donnell, Mason Bennett and Richard Pritchard. Using his UNIT credentials to gain their trust, the crew explained to the Doctor that the man, Jonathan Moran, had been their captain before his death, and that they had been menaced by the apparitions only at the night since discovering the ship, which lead then to believe that they were ghosts, which the Doctor debunked.

File:Capaldi Surprised.jpg

As the Drum entered day mode, the Doctor learned more about the base from the crew, and further investigated the spaceship, discovering that one of the power cells was missing and suspended animation chamber was unaccountable. After reevaluating the situation caused the Doctor to conclude that the ghosts were genuine, the Drum's night mode was activated by the ghosts, and the Cloister Bell began to ring. With Prichard killed by Moran, and the ghosts trying to lure a medical team to the Drum, the Doctor ordered the base be locked under quarantine and encouraged the surviving crew to help him capture the ghosts.

Trapping the ghosts in the Faraday cage, the Doctor found they were repeating coordinates to the flooded town's church, and that the ghosts had been artificial created to act as a homing beacon. After Bennett retrieved the ship's suspended animation chamber, the Doctor found that the coordinates had been the symbols within the spaceship, and decided to go back in time to before the town's flooding to find the truth of the matter. As the Doctor, Clara and the crew made their way to the TARDIS, the ghosts began flooding water into the Drum, resulting in emergency doors coming down and splitting the group in half. Clara was trapped in the base with Cass and Lunn, while the Doctor set off in the TARDIS with O'Donnell and Bennett. (TV: Under the Lake)

File:Platform BtF.jpg

Arriving in 1980, the Doctor, O'Donnell and Bennett encountered the Tivolian, Albar Prentis, while he was alive, using the spaceship, which had yet to have the wording inscribed, as a hearse to transport a dead warlord known as the Fisher King. Wanting to destroy the signal, the Doctor demanded Prentis hand over the device broadcasting, but Prentis was oblivious to what the Doctor was talking about.

Contacting Clara, the Doctor found that a ghost of himself had appeared in 2119, mouthing the names of the dead and those yet to die, with Clara second after O'Donnell. The Doctor was shaken at the prospect of him dying, but, despite Clara's urging to change time, he insisted he had to die. The Doctor's ghost then entered the Drum and released the other ghosts, forcing Clara, Cass and Lunn back to the Faraday Cage, where the phone signal was cut off. Before they left, however, the Doctor was able to get a look at his ghost and see him change his message.

Realising O'Donnell was going to die, the Doctor and Bennett tried to persuade her to stay in the TARDIS, but she refused. Returning to the ship, the trio found Prentis dead, the writing written and themselves being hunted by the Fisher King. Persuade into a building, O'Donnell was separated from the group and killed by the Fisher King, fulfilling the Ghost Doctor's prophecy. The Doctor and Bennett then tried to go back to the future to save Clara from being killed, but the TARDIS instead sent them back in time by thirty minutes, where the Doctor had to force Bennett from interfering in Prentis and O'Donnell's deaths.

Sending Bennett back to the TARDIS, the Doctor set one of the ship's power cells to destroy the dam of the town. Confronting the Fisher King, the Doctor was informed that the ghosts were signalling to the Fisher King's armada to rescue him and enslave the Earth. Just as he was about to be shot, the Doctor lied about erasing the writing from the ship, provoking the Fisher King to return to the ship, just as the damn well apart and flooded the town. Before the flood hit the church, the Doctor got into the Fisher King's stasis chamber, protecting him as the Fisher King drowned in the flood. (TV: Before the Flood)

File:Before the Flood.jpg

In 2119, the pod was recovered by Bennett and brought upon the Drum to be examined by the past Doctor. (TV: Under the Lake) Using his sonic sunglasses to connect with the Drum's Wi-Fi, the Doctor created a hologram of himself as a ghost "with a soupçon of artificial intelligence, and a few pre-recorded phrases thrown in," (TV: Before the Flood) which appeared before Clara, Lunn and Cass almost immediately after the past Doctor left the Drum with Bennett and O'Donnell. (TV: Under the Lake)

Using the hologram as an avatar, the Doctor gave Clara the list he had heard her give him from the ghost, and released the other ghosts from the Faraday cage, telling his past self via Clara's phone that "the chamber will open tonight." Conversing with other ghosts, the Doctor set them on Lunn, knowing they wouldn't kill him, to set a trap for Clara and Cass in the cantina.

When the chamber opened, the Doctor used his ghost hologram to lure the other ghosts to the Faraday cage with the "call of the Fisher King." Erasing the writing from their minds, the Doctor revealed to Clara, Cass and Lunn that his ghost was just a projection, and told them and Bennett that UNIT would dispose of the ghosts by removing the Faraday cage from Earth's orbit. As he and Clara set off in the TARDIS, the Doctor told her he only knew what to make the fake ghost say because she told him what it was saying, calling it a bootstrap paradox. (TV: Before the Flood)

The Doctor dropped Clara off on the planet Karaoke while he stayed inside to do repairs on the TARDIS. When asked if he had any musical interest, the Doctor recalled the time that his first four incarnations had attempted to form a band. It had fallen apart due to creative differences. Clara, bemused by this thought, exited the ship onto the planet before the Doctor could warn her that he would be momentarily shutting the TARDIS down, leaving the translation circuits off. (COMIC: Day of the Tune) As Clara did not hear his warning, she began singing on the stage, where the TARDIS translation began to fail as she could no longer read the lyrics on screen. No longer able to read the words at hand, Clara began to mumble gibberish. By coincidence, part of what she mumbled was offensive in Karaeokean, and she and the Doctor were locked in jail on the planet. (COMIC: The Meddling of Clara's Song)

File:The Abominable Showmen The Doctor and Clara react to Missy and the Masters.jpg

The two were given a chance of survival by forced entry into The Battle of the Bands Beyond the Stars, a musical competition. If their performance was deemed poor, they would be killed. As the two nervously prepared for this competition, they were passed by a band formed of what appeared to be Headless Monks. However, these robed figures soon removed their hoods, revealing themselves to be various incarnations of the Master -- including their lead singer, Missy. (COMIC: The Abominable Showmen)

File:The Master begs the Doctor to hear her plans.jpg

Missy approached the Doctor, expecting him to begin asking about her plans and trying to stop her. The Doctor, seemingly uninterested, refused to intervene or ask questions of their scheme. After much prying from Missy, the Doctor correctly predicted that Missy planned to use hypnosis to take over the minds of the viewers watching the program. As Missy and the Masters prepared to do their performance, the Doctor chose not to intervene, much to the dismay of Clara. Instead, the pair watched as the five Masters began to fight over Missy's device, each wanting to control the universe without the others. The five were soon disqualified after the failed to do their performance. The Doctor noted that he knew it was impossible for the many egos of the Master to work together as a team, in the same way that it had not worked out when he had tried it himself. The pair prepared for their performance, the Doctor confident that he could pull it off. (COMIC: The Five Masters)

File:One two three four to Doomsday I play guitar.jpg

As the Doctor was about to perform, Clara disconnected some power cables, allowing them to escape the stage and get back to the TARDIS. Clara wondered how they would be able to stop the show, but the Doctor told her that after the installment they had just ruined, the show was cancelled due to all-time lowest viewing figures. They set off together to get chips. (COMIC: One! Two! Three! Four! To Doomsday)

After saving the Velosians from being attacked by "four and a bit battle fleets" and rescuing Clara from being killed by a Love Sprite from the Spider Mines, the Doctor and Clara landed on Earth, where they were promptly captured by Vikings and taken to their village, two days' longboat journey from the TARDIS. When a race called the Mire attacked the village, killing all of the warriors, a girl called Ashildr declared war between the village and ten of the Mire.

After failing to train the farmers in the village to fight, the Doctor realised the village farmed electric eels, enabling him to formulate a plan to defeat the Mire. When the Mire arrived, the Doctor and the farmers distracted them with a party in a barn, while the other villagers used the eels to electrocute four of the Mire and remove their armour and weapons. Seizing the opportunity, the Doctor gave one of the helmets to Ashildr, who used it to feed the image of a dragon into the technology of the Mire's helmets, scaring them off, when the dragon was actually nothing more than a puppet. The Doctor revealed to the Mire leader, who posed as the Viking god Odin, that Clara had filmed them being scared away by the villagers and threatened him and to leave lest the video be release to the Galactic Hub and ruin the Mire's reputation. Odin and the Mire promptly left, but the celebrations ended when it was discovered Ashildr had died of heart failure as a result of using the Mire helmet.


The Doctor moped in a barn, regretting being unable to save Ashildr. However, after voicing his pain to Clara, he realised that he shared the face of Lobus Caecilius, whom he had saved from a fixed point in time during his tenth incarnation, and concluded that his face was a reminder to himself that he should always save people, even damning anyone who thought against the act to hell. Using a medical chip from the Mire helmet, the Doctor revived Ashildr, and left her a second chip for whoever she wanted. Heading back to the TARDIS, the Doctor, now reflecting poorly on his actions, told Clara that the chip would have given Ashildr immortality, and then realised that he had made her a hybrid. (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Solo adventures Edit

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Sometime after leaving Scandinavia, and while Clara was taking her Year Seven class to their tae kwon do lessons, the Doctor observed Ashildr founding a colony of lepers, but decided against announcing his presence to her. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

Unable to go to the Castles of Trutalia due to his TARDIS being clamped by an out-of-date Ministry of Time robot, the Doctor went to Garage 10 to get the parts needed to fix the robot. En route, he befriended a wannabe mechanic named Athena, and, working together, the pair learned that the owner of Garage 10 was stripping his customers of their identity to recruit them and sell their memories. Undoing the owner's actions, and getting him arrested by the Judoon, the Doctor parted ways with Athena to update the Ministry of Time robot into having its own sense of adventure. (COMIC: The Ministry of Time)

Getting trapped in a room of metal on fire, the Doctor sent his sonic sunglasses down to Earth, where they were found by a father out walking with his son. When the father put them on, they activated the Telepathic Emergency Beacon, allowing the Doctor to take control of his body and pilot the TARDIS to free himself. As a reward, the Doctor allowed the father and son a free trip, which the father used to pick up his wife, who had apparently disappeared months earlier. (PROSE: My Dad, The Doctor)

The Doctor found a giant robot and kaiju fighting in a Japanese city, and that UNIT soldiers led by Colonel Ishiguro were preparing to attack them. Persuading Ishiguro to halt the attack, the Doctor discovered that they were the result of a stolen Kaznak Simu-system being used by Professor Nakatomi for his video game company. Overriding the data core with his own mind, the Doctor ended the fighting before UNIT needed the intervene, and went of with Ishiguro for some noodles. (COMIC: Big in Japan)

After spending weeks following exoplanetary energy on his curioscanner across the galaxy, the Doctor traced the Eyes of Hades to 1651 England, where he found a highwayman called "the Knightmare" robbing the carriage holding the artifact. The Doctor's intervention resulted in the carriage escaping before either of them could get the Eyes, and the Knightmare revealed herself to be Ashildr, who was now addressing herself as "Me" after losing most of her childhood memories. At "Lady Me's" mansion, Ashildr told the Doctor of her exploits, and begged him to her with him in the TARDIS, but he refused. Instead, the two teamed up to steal the Eyes of Hades from Lucie Fanshawe by breaking into her mansion.

File:Twelve Knightmare.jpg

The Doctor then found that Ashildr had an ally in Leandro, who owned the Eyes of Hades and needed a death to activate it to open a portal for him and Ashildr to escape Earth in. Upon learning the highwayman Sam Swift was to be executed, Ashildr and Leandro set off to use his death to activate the artefact. While the Doctor tried to call off Swift's execution, Ashildr forcibly attached the Eyes of Hades to Swift, opening the portal. Leandro then revealed that he had only used Ashildr to get the portal open and allow his people to invade, and the Leonian ships began attacking the peasants. Realising her mistake, Ashildr used the second Mire chip to revive Swift, closing the portal and ending the attack. For his failure, Leandro was incinerated by his people. In the aftermath, Ashildr accepted her inability to travel with the Doctor and told him she would look out for other people he left behind, and they parted on relatively good terms.

When the Doctor picked up Clara for more adventures, she presented him with a selfie from Evie Hubbard, a student he had helped with history homework, and the Doctor was shocked to see Ashildr in the background of the photo. Shaking it off, he and Clara took off for "somewhere magical." (TV: The Woman Who Lived) The Doctor kept surveillance on Ashildr, but lost track of her in the early 1800s. (TV: Face the Raven)

Final adventures with Clara Edit

Receiving a call from Osgood about the "Nightmare Scenario", the Doctor discovered that the ceasefire between the humans and Zygons had been breaking down, and tried to confront the Zygon High Command about it, only for them to be kidnapped by Zygon rebels, just as Kate Stewart phoned him to inform the Doctor of Osgood's kidnapping. Meeting up with Clara and Kate at Zygon High Command base at Drakeman Junior School, the Doctor communicated with the control polyp and witnessed the rebels execute the Zygon High Command. Sharing thoughts with Kate, Clara and Jac, the Doctor sent Kate to investigate Zygon activity in the New Mexico town Truth or Consequences, and left Clara and Jac in charge of defending England while he took Boat One to the Zygon settlement in Turmezistan to rescue Osgood.

File:Osgood confuses Twelve.jpg

The Doctor and Colonel Walsh led a platoon of UNIT soldiers to retrieve Osgood from the Zygon base before it was destroyed in an air strike, but the leading soldier fell for the Zygons' deceptions and lead the platoon to their deaths in an ambush. As Walsh left to observe the settlement get destroyed, the Doctor found Osgood and managed to capture a Zygon. Aboard Boat One, the Zygon informed the Doctor that the Zygon invasion of Earth had already taken place. As the plane returned to the United Kingdom, "Clara" phoned the Doctor, and, claiming that the real Clara and Kate had been killed and replaced, fired a rocket launcher from the ground at Boat One. (TV: The Zygon Invasion) The Zygon missed her first shot, which gave the Doctor and Osgood enough time to parachute out of the plane before she fired a successful shot. They landed safety and received a text from Clara's phone, confirming that she was alive and fighting the Zygon in her form. Calling the Zygon, who had named herself "Bonnie", the Doctor retrieved a message from Bonnie's winking eye (controlled by Clara inside the pod) that confirmed her location, and, persuade by policeman he thought were Zygons, commandeered a van to get him and Osgood back to London.

They drove to a south London shopping centre where a Zygon had been forced to normalise himself by Bonnie and, despite the Doctor pleading him not too, committed suicide because he didn't want to be a part of the Zygon rebellion. Kate and two UNIT soldiers then turned up, and told the Doctor where to find Clara and the Zygon rebel base. Arriving at the Zygon stronghold, the UNIT soldiers revealed themselves to be Zygons and Kate contacted Bonnie, who had taken Clara with her to the Black Archive to activate the Osgood Box. However, Bonnie then revealed that the Doctor had put two Osgood Boxes in place with safeguards beyond safeguards in to keep the human-Zygon ceasefire, and demanded the Doctor be brought to her. Kate, however, revealed herself to be the genuine Kate, killed the Zygon soldiers and destroyed the communicator.


Arriving at the Black Archive, Bonnie and Kate both threatened to use the Osgood boxes, but the Doctor used his memories and feelings of the Last Great Time War to persuade them that they could end the conflict in a more humane way. Moved by his speech, Kate decided not to use the boxes, and Bonnie deduced that they were empty. The Doctor then wiped Kate and the Zygons' memories of the boxes, but allowed Bonnie to retain her memory to keep the peace.

As the Doctor and Clara prepared to leave, the Doctor invited Osgood to join him in his travels, but she denied. Both she and Bonnie, who was now using Osgood's form, had taken on the task of protecting the Osgood Boxes and maintaining the human-Zygon relations together. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)


The Doctor and Clara landed on the space station Le Verrier in the 38th century, and joined a rescue crew that were looking for the station's crew. Attacked by Sandmen, the group ran into a laboratory housing Morpheus pods and, after rescuing Clara from one, found Professor Gagan Rassmussen hiding in a pod. After questioning Rassmussen on his pods, the Doctor concluded that the Sandmen were made up of sleep dust, and a direct result from use of the pods. As they made their way to destroy the pods, the station's gravity shields failed, Rassmussen was killed by a Sandman, and the Doctor, Clara and Chief Nagata became separated from the group after the Doctor rebooted the gravity shield.

Revaluating the situation, the Doctor hacked in to what he believed to be the rescue crew's helmet cams to review the footage, only for Nagata to reveal that none of them were wearing cameras. The Doctor then realised that the sleep dust in the air was being used as cameras to store images of the rescue mission, and that Rassmussen was behind the entire thing. Going to the crew's rescue ship, the Doctor, Clara and Nagata found Rassmussen had plans to spread the Sandmen to other planets. Surviving Rassmussen's attempt to kill them with his Patient Zero, Nagata killed Rassmussen, and the trio fled the station in the TARDIS, intending to destroy all Morpheus machines to prevent any more Sandman conversions. The Doctor, however, was confounded by the loose ends and how choreographed the event had been. (TV: Sleep No More)

After thwarting a run-in with the warlord Lucifer van Volk, who accused him of magnetizing his mercenary army at some point in his future, the Doctor returned to 2015 to find that Clara had taken a leave of absence from Coal Hill and traveled to Ravenscaur, a Scottish private school, to investigate the disappearance of her friend Christel. While Clara took over Christel's vacated job as an English teacher, the Doctor went undercover in the local town, where he found the townspeople were a disguised race of aliens plotting against humanity. Deducing that Ravenscaur was the centre of the plan, he instructed Clara to remain undercover at the school while he worked out what they were dealing with. During this time, the Doctor displayed a bizarre sense of humour by adopting a stuffed swordfish that he had used to defend himself during a brawl at a pub, naming the fish Sonny and claiming it as his newest "companion", much to Clara's annoyance.

Under the suspicion that the Sea Devils were behind the plan, the Doctor explored the catacombs of Ravenscaur to confirm his suspicions and ended up rescuing Clara and two students, Lucy and Jack, from the Sea Devils. The group returned to the school only to be captured by the headmaster Mrs Mariner, who revealed she and many of the school's students and facility were disguised Sea Devils, as well as the visiting Prime Minister Daniel Claremont. They were plotting to use humanity's global warming against them to create a perfect environment for their race. While Claremont was giving a televised press conference at the school, the Doctor set off the school's sprinklers, causing the disguised Sea Devils to revert to their normal forms. Mariner, however, commanded all Sea Devil bases to rise, revealing they had the machinery ready to wipe out humanity.

The Doctor equipped Clara, Jack and Lucy with neural enhancers, allowing them to use their telekinetic power to combat and escape the Sea Devils. Ordering Clara to evacuate the school, he navigated to the rooftops to confront Mariner, but was too late to prevent her from ordering the troops to rise. The Doctor altered the trajectory of their devastation pulse so that their weapons would attack Raven's Isle rather than the mainland. As the school and Sea Devils were destroyed, Clara, still equipped with her neural enhancer, flew in and rescued the Doctor from the destruction. As the two left in the TARDIS, the Doctor asked Clara if she wanted to go home, but she replied that being with him was home. (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death)

The Doctor and Clara tracked mysterious energy fluctuations and disappearances to a comic store in London, where the Doctor was sucked into a comic book. Clara found that the missing people had also been pulled into comic books, and that the Boneless were the culprits. From within the comic, the Doctor told Clara to use the TARDIS' telepathic circuits to create a spatical and temporal flux. Teaming up with Natalie, a girl who was also trapped in his comic, he encouraged all the trapped people to use their love of comics to telepathically break free, imploding the Boneless back to their dimension and returning the victims to the real world. (COMIC: The Fourth Wall)


The Doctor then took Clara to the planet Beachelguese, where they ran into a dispute with several other beach-goers. (COMIC: Surfshock)

The coming of the hybrid Edit

After escaping a marriage to a sentient plant on the "second most beautiful garden in all of time and space," the Doctor was phoned by Rigsy, who had lost his memory of the previous day and woken up with a chronolock that was counting down to his death. Investigating, the Doctor, Clara and Rigsy found themselves in the trap street, where a society of aliens were seeking asylum under the government of Ashildr, known in the street as "Mayor Me". Rigsy had apparently murdered one of the residents, a Janus named Anah, and had been given retcon per the street's protocol, but returned home to allow him to spent time with his loved ones before the Quantum Shade came to kill him for the crime.

When Ashildr informed the Doctor that she could remove the chronolock if he convinced the trap street residence of Rigsy's innocence, the Doctor learned from Kabel that Rigsy had asked Ashildr to call the Doctor when he was found with the body, revealing that Ashildr knew of the Doctor and Risgy's acquaintanceship. Going to see the victim's daughter, Anahson, the Doctor realised that the entire thing had been a trap to lure him to the trap street. Running to see the body, the Doctor discovered that Anah was alive in a stasis pod, and the only way to release her was to unlock the pod with his TARDIS key. Unlocking the stasis pod, the Doctor had his arm clamped with a teleport bracelet, just as Ashildr arrived to retrieve the Doctor's confession dial.

File:Twelve kisses Clara goodbye.jpg

Just as the chronolock countdown ended, Clara revealed that she had taken Rigsy's death sentence, and Ashildr explained that the entire thing had been a hoax to entice the Doctor, as she had been threatened to entrap the Doctor to ensure the street's safety. Rigsy would have had the chronolock removed before its countdown ended, but since Clara took it, Ashildr fell out of the contract she had established, sealing Clara's fate. In anger, the Doctor threatened to end the asylum unless she saved Clara, but Clara made the Doctor promise not to seek revenge before she faced her death, with the Doctor watching her die from afar. Ashildr apologised for the harm she had done, but the Doctor, honouring his promise to Clara, warned her to keep out of his way. The teleport bracelet then activated, teleporting the Doctor away to its destination. (TV: Face the Raven)

File:Doctor emerges from portal.jpg

In a cycle that went on for 4.5 billion years, (TV: Hell Bent) the Doctor arrived in a teleporter at the top of tower inside his confession dial, and was pursued by the Veil, a creature taken from his childhood nightmares, until he fed it confessions. At the end of each cycle, the Doctor reached a wall of solid azbantium and, inspired by the Brothers Grimm story of the shepherd's boy, punched at the wall until the Veil fatally burned him. Too badly injured to regenerate, the Doctor dragged himself back to the top of the tower and burn up his body to provide the energy needed to load a copy of himself at the moment of his arrival from the teleporter's hard drive, continuing the cycle until he finally broke through the wall. With the Veil collapsing in on itself, the Doctor arrived on Gallifrey and told a nearby boy to inform "someone important" in the Capitol of his arrival. (TV: Heaven Sent)

File:Twelve confronts President.jpg

The Doctor made his way to the Drylands, where he silently waited in his old barn hideaway for Rassilon to face him, turning away the military and High Council members sent to speak to him, until Rassilon finally came to explain himself, to which the Doctor told him "get off [his] planet." Deeming any witness in the Drylands to be unimportant, Rassilon ordered the Doctor's execution, but the firing squad, having served with the Doctor of War during the Last Great Time War, sided against him. When the General defected, Rassilon surrendered and the Doctor, assuming Rassilon's title of Lord President, banished Rassilon from Gallifrey, which had been moved to the end of the universe for protection, blaming him for the horrors of the Time War, to be followed by the High Council.

Going down to the Cloisters, the Doctor met with Ohila, who explained that Rassilon was searching for information on the Hybrid. Meeting with the General and the Sisterhood of Karn in the council chamber, the Doctor informed them that he could protect them from the Hybrid, but he needed Clara Oswald's help to do so. The Doctor and the General went to Extraction chamber 7 to use an extraction chamber to retrieve Clara from before her death in the trap street, in doing so freezing her bodily functions in time. Under pressure to explain himself, the Doctor swiped the General's sidearm and, holding the unarmed chamber staff at gunpoint, took a neural block calibrated for humans and shot the General to cause a distraction and escape with Clara.

Making their way through the Cloisters, the Doctor and Clara encountered the Cloister Wraiths, and an imprisoned Dalek, Cyberman and flock of Weeping Angels, until the Doctor found a secret passage near lift shaft 7, and told Clara how he had originally found the passage as a boy, and also tried to avoid talking about his imprisonment in his confessional dial, but had got around to telling Clara by the time the newly regenerated General and Ohila arrived. As Clara distracted them, the Doctor escaped through the secret passage into the workshop below the Cloisters, and stole a TARDIS to retrieve Clara and flee from Gallifrey after a final talk with Ohila.

File:Claras memories.jpg

With Clara still frozen, the Doctor took her to the last minutes of the universe, believing that time would heal there and Clara would become alive again. With Clara still frozen, a knock sounded on the TARDIS doors and the Doctor found it was Ashildr, still alive at the end of the universe. The Doctor and Ashildr shared theories on the Hybrid; the Doctor believing it to be Ashildr, while she believed the Hybrid to either be the Doctor himself, or the combined forces of the Doctor and Clara. The Doctor, denying Ashildr's claims, told her that he planned to erase Clara's memory of him to protect her from the Time Lords, but Clara had spied on their conversation and reversed the polarity of the neural block with the sonic sunglasses. After learning of what Clara did, the Doctor still decided to use the device, only for it to backfire on him, causing him to loose his memories of Clara and collapse.

File:Twelve Clara diner.jpg

The Doctor eventually awoke in the Nevada desert, where a man told him that Clara had asked him to look after the Doctor. Having forgotten Clara's face, but still having vague impressions of his time with her, the Doctor made his way to a diner in the desert, where he encountered a waitress. The Doctor told the waitress his story while playing a song he composed for Clara. After his story ended, the waitress exited through a door, and the diner dematerialised, revealing to the Doctor that it had been the stolen TARDIS. Now outside, the Doctor found his own TARDIS, with a mural dedicated to Clara on it, whom the Doctor recognised as the waitress. Receiving a new sonic screwdriver from the TARDIS, the Doctor took off for new adventures on his own, with the mural unraveling as he dematerialized. (TV: Hell Bent)

Lone travels Edit

The Doctor arrived in an empty school during 2115 Christmas time and met Ross McNamara, who was supposedly being chased by a ghost. Investigating, the Doctor found that a Helestician spaceship was hidden in the cellars, and that it had sent Ross forward in time from 2015 and that the ghost was an echo of Ross created by the time travel. After blowing up the school to free the spaceship, the Doctor returned Ross home. (PROSE: Haunted)

The Doctor visited the planet Lahn to travel the Spice Route of Shalabar Stone. However, his party was ambushed by alien scavengers led by the Lord Boabdil, who kidnapped the Doctor's fellow traveller, Estrella, sentencing her to be executed the following day by a monster. The Doctor gatecrashed the execution and disorientating the monster, freeing Estrella. Chased into the city, Estrella bought a flying carpet, allowing her and the Doctor to escape their pursuers. (COMIC: The Spice Route)

File:Ghosts of the Seas cliffhanger.jpg

The Doctor found that the Flying Dutchman was making appearances throughout history, and tracked it through time. On a sighting on the seas in 1881 Australia, he was joined by Prince George and Captain Thorpe after they wandered into the TARDIS. The Doctor deduced mathematically that the ship would appear during the Battle of Trafalgar, and he, George and Thorpe managed to board it only to be confronted by robots claiming to be the ship's crew. After George meddled with the ship's machinery, the robots lost their memory. The Doctor found that the robots had crashed their time ship into the Dutchman and that had caused them to believe they were the crew. The Doctor repaired the ship to send the robots home, and also prepared to return George and Thorpe to their own time as well. (COMIC: Ghosts of the Seas)

Attending a book festival, the Doctor learnt of a book series called Fearsome Frights by an author called Charles Abbott. A girl called Eliza told him that the protagonist of the book shared the name of her brother Sammy, who had disappeared after meeting Abbott at a signing. The Doctor and Eliza tracked the book in the TARDIS, and the Doctor deduced that Abbott was a disguised alien who used a pen made of Incredulitas 4 that could transport matter. They arrived on the planet Antagonista, the setting of the book, and rescued Sammy from zombies. Abbott arrived and tried to attack the group with his pen, but the Doctor used his sonic screwdriver to counter the attack and trap Abbott in a stasis jail cell in space. Dubbing the cell the "writer's block", the Doctor returned Eliza and Sammy home. (COMIC: Shock Horror)

The Doctor received a phonecall from Osgood, telling him to come London to deal with a "big problem". UNIT had recreated the K1 robot under orders from the British government. It escaped and went on a rampage in downtown London. After picking Osgood up with his TARDIS, the Doctor materialized over the River Thames; where K2 was tearing apart the London Eye. The Doctor used his sonic screwdriver's red setting to dissemble the robot, saving the city of London once again. (COMIC: Robo Rampage)

File:Twelve saves Eskdale Hall.jpg

The Doctor then visited what he thought was the English countryside for a breath of fresh air. After almost walking off the side of a floating island, the Doctor discovered that he was on New Belgravia. He met the owner of the island, Lord Eskdale, who was also the owner of the planet. Eskdale asked the Doctor to help him find his daughter Charlotte. Shortly after the Doctor accepted the offer, the floating island began fall towards the ground. The Doctor found Charlotte in the engine room of the island, who had hid there after seeing her father discriminate against the planet's natives. She accidentally turned off the engines of the island. Eskdale apologised to his daughter, leading to her letting the Doctor into the engine room. He moved the island back into the sky, saving countless lives. (COMIC: Sky Manor)

The Doctor used his time alone to complete his to-do list. He bought some eggs, cleaned the TARDIS swimming pool, and learned to yodel. This left one last task for him to do: destroying Josiah W. Dogbolter.

File:12 & Dogbolter.jpg

Setting up a trap for Dogbolter, the Doctor froze the villagers of Stockbridge in 2016 "between nanoseconds" to keep them safe, and called for his friends for help him. He had the shape-shifting Whifferdill Frobisher take the form of one the Doctor's old opponents, Chiyoko, to lure Dogbolter into Stockbridge. He had Majenta Pryce blackmail the major shareholders of Dogbolter's company, Intra-Venus, Inc., into giving her their shares for a low price, and had Lady Destrii of the Oblivion Empire brought along to defend her against Josiah's daughter Berakka Dogbolter. Landing in Stockbridge, the Doctor found Maxwell Edison, who because of his TARDIS travels was unaffected by the time freeze. The Doctor pretended to surrender himself to Dogbolter inside St Justinian's Church, and revealing his identity, Frobisher incapacitated Dogbolter's henchmen. Izzy Sinclair arrived at the church to knock Dogbolter out, and Sharon Allen broadcast Dogbolter's confession to murdering thousands on the Galactic Broadcasting Corporation in Dogbolter's century. This led to Dogbolter's arrest, the seizing on his assets and Majenta becoming the new CEO of Intra-Venus. The Doctor subsequently returned the villagers to normal.

File:The Stockbridge Showdown.jpg

After defeating Dogbolter, the Doctor brought Max and the rest of his friends to the city of Cornucopia to celebrate Max's 60th birthday. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

File:Petals comic.jpg

Needing some time to relax alone, the Doctor visited Eed'n to take photo's of the native flora and fauna. After taking a few pictures, he disappointingly discovered that Jain Relph, a professor from the Mega Galactic University, was also on the uninhabited planet cataloging plant life. As the Doctor began to tell Relph to go away, the two were attacked by spores from Eed'n's plant life and were possessed by an entity called the Plant. The Plant realized that with the Doctor's TARDIS it could go to the beginning of the Universe and seed itself into all lifeforms. However, due to the Doctor having multiple personalities the Plant had difficulty in completely absorbing him. The Doctor used the little control he had not to pilot the TARDIS to the beginning of time, but to the end, where the Plant died due to lack of sunlight. The Doctor then dropped off Relph at a nearby human colony. (COMIC: Petals)

File:Galerie d'art parisienne 2.jpg

The Doctor then went to Paris in the spring of 1909, where he attended the grand reopening of the Galerie d'Art de Parisiennes. He discovered an alien which was taking people into paintings and attempting to drain their lives. The alien attacked the Doctor and pulled him into Bridge over a Pond of Water Lilies. From there the Doctor was chased through multiple paintings until he discovered over victims of the alien. Using a pen, he drew a door out of the painting world and back into reality. Then he threw a can of white paint at the painting which the alien was hiding in, trapping it in the canvas. (COMIC: Gallery)

The Doctor detected temporal tsunamis in the time vortex, and realized something was wrong with time and that he needed to get to Gallifrey. As Gallifrey was blocked by a transduction barrier and he was unable to contact the High Council, he traveled to Karn to persuade Ohila to let him use the Sisterhood of Karn's door to the Capitol. Ohila was reluctant, but when Karn was suddenly attacked by Cybermen, she let him through. The Doctor rushed into the Capitol only to find Rassilon. Rassilon revealed to the Doctor that after his overthrow and exile, he met with a league of Cybermen and decided to work with them to create a new Time Lord-Cyberman empire. The Doctor was then rescued by a group of Time Lord soldiers led by the General, who requested the Doctor's assistance in helping them combat the threat. When he experienced pain spasms, the Doctor realized that Rassilon's corruption of the Eye of Harmony was rewriting his own history to ensure his previous incarnations were defeated by the Cybermen on their adventures.

The Cybermen betrayed Rassilon and began harvesting his and the Doctor's regeneration energy to fuel the reworking of history, allowing the rise of the age of Cyberiad. Having realized his mistake, Rassilon telepathically contacted the Doctor inside the Cyberiad and the two teamed up to send their regeneration energy backwards through the Eye of Harmony, repairing the alterations made to the Doctor's timeline and the universe and destroying the Cyberiad. The Doctor's previous incarnations and everybody else lost their memories of the incident, with only the Twelfth Doctor remembering. Back in his TARDIS alone, he openly wondered if Rassilon remembered as well. (COMIC: Supremacy of the Cybermen)

File:Pirates of Vourakis.jpg

The Doctor learned that the Earth Empire trading planet Vourakis 3 was being blockaded and travelled to the planet to stop the blockade before it caused an inter-planetary war. He encounter reporter Heddy Garber and took her onto the ship responsible for the blockade in his TARDIS. They discovered that colony governor Ron Cordell hired a group of Skinks to blockade the planet and were taken prisoner by the Skinks. The Skinks tried to drop the Doctor and Garber into their ship's black hole drive, but the Doctor used his sonic sunglasses to sabotage the drive, and it began to destroy the Skink ship. The Doctor and Garber ran back to the TARDIS and escaped just before the entire ship was sucked into a black hole. With Vourakis 3 saved, the Doctor dropped Garber off in Piccadilly Circus before heading off into another adventure. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis)

Catching up on his favourite music from all across history, the Doctor visited the Twist, a colony in the 40th century, to attend a punk concert. Meeting with the band's bassist Hattie afterwards, he observed a man called Jakob being chased by police. Rescuing him, he revealed he had been accused of the murder of Idra Panatar, a local councilor, that had been carried out by fox-like creatures on the colony. At the scene at Idra's house, Jakob told the Doctor and Hattie that the authorities were attempting to cover up the creature attacks. The Doctor discovered a secret room in the house containing proof of the creatures, leading him to deduce Idra was killed to keep them from being revealed. They went to the Central Power Park to investigate, and after avoiding a police chase and an attack by one of the creatures, they escaped into an underground tunnel, which led them to the vessel that first brought humans to the Twist. The area was populated by the creatures, who revealed themselves to be called the Foxkin. Escaping into a nearby statis farm, the Doctor found pods that contained human remains.

Accessing the records, he found that none of the human colonists traveling to the Twist had survived the journey, despite the population apparently having been descended from them. He then deduced that the Foxkin were the original colonists all along and had cloned the deceased humans to allow the population. The group were apprehended by the Foxkin, who declared that the Doctor, Hattie and Jakob had to be kept from revealing this truth. Escaping imprisonment, the group returned to the surface. Jakob declared that the Foxkin had to be destroyed, but the Doctor revealed he had worked out that Jakob had purposefully killed Idra to stop her from revealing the Foxkin, due to his hatred of the creatures. Jakob fled, and was eventually arrested by the authorities. The Doctor and Hattie held a concert to encourage the humans of the Twist to accept and welcome the Foxkin into their society. In the aftermath, the Doctor invited Hattie for a trip in the TARDIS to get a new bass. (COMIC: The Twist)

File:Playing House (comic story).jpg

While the Doctor and Hattie were having a jamming session, the TARDIS made an emergency landing, attracted by dangerous radiation levels. They arrived at a house on windswept moors, which locked itself shut upon them entering. As the two investigated the house, Hattie caught a glimpse of a holographic young girl. Following the hologram through a door, the Doctor and Hattie entered a forest, where they found a mother, Holly, searching for her family. Holly told them that the house, which was her own, had grown new rooms since she purchased furniture at an antiques fair. The Doctor discovered that void creatures known as the Spyrillites were being attracted to the house as it had a great source of arton energy. Letting the Spyrillites guide him, he found a room containing an architectural reconfiguration system, and he realized the house was actually a TARDIS.

The Doctor determined that an item Holly brought at the antiques fair was in fact a TARDIS shell, which was dying and leaking arton energy, causing its dimensions to spill into the house and potentially across the whole universe. After finding Holly's family, they were directed to the control room of the TARDIS. Hattie and the family fought off an attack from the Spyrillites as the Doctor programmed the TARDIS to send it to die in the heart of a star, restoring the house to normal. After another jamming session aboard his TARDIS, the Doctor returned Hattie back to her home on the Twist. (COMIC: Playing House)

After picking up Dorium Maldovar to use as a ball, the Doctor went to a forested planet to play a game of bowling with Strax using robotic dinosaurs as pins. Strax arrived on the Time Shark and used himself as a bowling ball. He broke all of the dinosaurs, making it impossible for the game to continue.

File:Strax in TARDIS wardrobe.jpg

Afterwards, the Doctor took Strax and the Time Shark with him in the TARDIS to help save the universe. However, instead of helping him, Strax and the Time Shark explored the TARDIS and tried on clothing in the TARDIS wardrobe. (COMIC: The Adventures of Strax & the Time Shark)

The Doctor visited the planet Rhodia, whose population of three billion was being wiped out by the Shadow Kin who had emerged during the civil war that was being waged between Rhodia's two factions. He was only able to retrieve two survivors: Charlie, a Rhodian prince, and the Quill terrorist who was forced to protect him as punishment for her crimes. For their protection, the Doctor relocated the pair to Earth, specifically Shoreditch, where Quill would serve as a teacher at Coal Hill Academy, with Charlie attending her classes as a sixth form student.


When the Shadow Kin caught up with Charlie and Quill at the Coal Hill Academy autumn prom night, Quill called the Doctor for help, and he returned to Coal Hill. Confronting the king of the Shadow Kin, Corakinus, the Doctor used their aversion towards light to repel them, forcing them back through the tear in space time from which they came before sealing it. Knowing that such tears would continue to threaten the school as a result of the excess artron energy in the area, the Doctor entrusted Quill and Charlie to defend against whatever would come through alongside Charlie's fellow students who had faced the Shadow King alongside him. Before leaving, the Doctor took Ram Singh, a student who had been maimed by Corakinus, aboard the TARDIS where he healed and fitted him with a Lothan prosthetic limb to replace his severed leg. (TV: For Tonight We Might Die)

The Doctor visited Paris in 1695 to view an opera. A singer, Julie D'Aubigny, confronted him after the show when he refused to take part in the standing ovation. After he insulted her singing, she challenged him to a sword duel. The duel was interrupted by Cardinal Richelieu, who wanted to question the Doctor. Julie stabbed Richelieu, who then was possessed by darkness. The Doctor fled to the TARDIS and took Julie with him, knowing that there were mysterious forces at work. (COMIC: Terror of the Cabinet Noir)

Living with the Collins family Edit

The Doctor visited 1972 London, intending to see a music gig. While playing his guitar on the streets, he was sighted by Jess Collins, a women he and Clara had shared an adventure with previously. Although he attempted to avoid her, she followed him to the TARDIS. Jess remembered Clara and was puzzled when the Doctor indicated he no longer even remembered Clara's name (despite his earlier statements that he remembered travelling with a woman named Clara, just not her appearance or personality details). He did, however, still recall his previous encounter with Jess. The TARDIS picked up an alien distress signal in the London Underground, where Lloyd, Jess' father, worked. Although the Doctor insisted her not to, Jess followed him to investigate the signal. In the tunnels, they were caught by Lloyd and then attacked by a skeletal bird creature. The Doctor disabled the creature with electricity from the Underground, noting it was an animated cadaver. Lloyd, injured by the creature, was taken to hospital. The Doctor scanned him and realised he had an unidentifiable bacterial infection.

He and Jess rushed back to the Underground to inspect the scene, where he found a telepathic node on the creature's body. Activating it, they learned that the creature was an alien called Moan'na, who had fled his kind and disguised himself as a human in 17th century London. The Doctor determined that Moan'na had died of the bubonic plague as a human in 1665, but his alien body had enhanced the illness and caused Lloyd to fall under it. The Doctor and Jess returned to the hospital and discovered Lloyd had mutated into a being like Moan'na. Lloyd knocked out the Doctor and took Jess away. Upon awakening, the Doctor and Devina, Jess' mother, pursued them to Brixton, as the infection began mutating more people. The Doctor used the telepathic node to allow Jess and Devina to communicate with Lloyd and break the infection's control over his mind, which in conjunction with the TARDIS' telepathic circuits rewrote the DNA infections to change Lloyd and the infected back to normal. However, this overloaded the TARDIS' systems and caused it to retreat within itself. The Collins family allowed the Doctor to stay with them while the TARDIS recovered. (COMIC: The Pestilent Heart)

Returning Jata home Edit

File:Jata wanted poster.jpg

The Doctor tracked a crashed Q7 starship to the Wyoming desert in 1899 and encountered the bounty hunter Molly Zook. Molly was tracking the big-time criminal Clint Currie. She showed the Doctor wanted posters of Currie and his horse, which the Doctor recognised as an Osumaran masquerading as a horse. He followed Molly to a nearby town where Currie's gang were robbing a train. The Doctor bought a horse and painted a star on its forehead so it resembled an Osumaran. He then went to where the gang had tied up their horses and replaced the alien with a real horse.

File:Jata meets Doctor.jpg

Without the Osumaran to guide him, Currie was caught and arrested by the town's sheriff. The Doctor asked to keep Currie's horse as a reward for helping with the capture. The Osumaran introduced himself as Jata and thanked the Doctor for rescuing him from a life of crime. The Doctor decided that Jata's starship was too broken to work again and decided to take Jata back to Osumare in the TARDIS. (COMIC: From the Horse's Mouth)

File:Fear Buds.jpg

During the trip to Osumare, Jata mentioned he was interested in educational systems, which prompted the Doctor to show him an English school in the 21st century. Much to the Doctor's surprise, the school they landed in was filled with students put into a violent trance by their ear buds. The Doctor and Jata hid in the school's chapel with three teachers and a student. The Doctor knew about a secret room in the chapel and guided the student, Jata, and one of the teachers to it when the mind-controlled students broke through the chapel's doors. In the hidden room, the Doctor realised that the student was a Mkali. He confronted the Mkali and asked him to reverse what he had done to the other students. When that didn't work, the Doctor called the Mkali's mother, who became very angry at her son and fixed everything he did. (COMIC: Fear Buds)

Meeting Nardole Edit

Relaxing in his TARDIS after a "long day" that had involved "everybody turn[ing] into lizards" and a piano falling on him, the Doctor was mistakenly summoned by Nardole for a "medical emergency" and brought to River Song, who failed to recognise the Doctor due to not knowing about his new regeneration cycle, as her husband, King Hydroflax, needed a lifesaving operation to remove the Halassi Androvar diamond from his head. However, River intended to remove Hydroflax's head, and managed to steal it when Hydroflax, whose head was dispensable, discovered the ruse and tried to kill her and the Doctor, until the Doctor took his head hostage and, with the robotic body unwilling to potentially harm Hydroflax's head, the Doctor and River managed to get teleported out by Ramone, another of River's husbands.

Arriving back at the TARDIS, the Doctor and River, still not knowing his identity, "stole" the TARDIS to get away from Hydroflax's body, but the TARDIS could not dematerialise with the head inside and the body outside, and River was tricked into letting the body in after it stole Ramone's head. Escaping the body on the Harmony and Redemption, River tried to sell the diamond to Scratch of the Shoal of the Winter Harmony, only to learn that he was a follower of Hydroflax, and the two attempted to leave with Hydroflax's head. However, Hydroflax's robotic body arrived and killed the head, having been promised the Doctor's head as a replacement. To the Doctor's sorrow, he listened to River as she showed a lack of belief in his love for her, saying that while she loved him, he didn't fall in love with people. As the Doctor revealed who he was to River, River told the Doctor she was "just keeping them talking". As a meteor storm hit the ship, the Doctor and River attempted to stop the Harmony and Redemption from crashing on Darillium, but ultimately failed, barely shielding themselves in the TARDIS instead during the impact.

File:River and Twelve Happy.jpg

Regaining consciousness first, the Doctor emerged from the TARDIS on Darillium, and, using the diamond, inspired a man called Alphonse to start a restaurant, so he could travel into the future and book a reservation for a balcony view of the Singing Towers. Dressing formally for River when she awakened, the Doctor gifted her a sonic screwdriver of her own, and, telling her that nights on Darillium lasted 24 years, the two enjoyed the view. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) True to his word, the Doctor spent 24 years on Darillium with River before she left to meet her ultimate fate in the Library as witnessed by the Tenth Doctor, (TV: Silence in the Library) after which he returned to making sure that the Earth was safe. Out of fear of being lonely, the Doctor recovered Nardole and took him on as his companion after reattaching his head to his body. (TV: The Return of Doctor Mysterio)

Undated events Edit


Alternate timeline Edit

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Multi-Doctor event Edit

File:Four Doctors Ten and Twelve argue.jpg

In the version of time where the alternate Gabby Gonzalez hailed from, the Doctor followed Clara to the café and barged in after his two previous incarnations had. The Tenth Doctor refused to consider the Twelfth Doctor as a possible incarnation of himself, as he had already confirmed the Eleventh Doctor as his successor, and knew that he had only one regeneration left. Although the Eleventh Doctor tried to break them up, the Tenth and Twelfth Doctors argued until they brushed fingers, causing a spark of the Blinovitch Limitation Effect. All three Doctors realised they had caused a paradox at a fixed point in time, resulting in the appearance of the Reapers.

File:Four Doctors 10, 11, 12 Two.jpg

While the Reapers chased the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth and Twelfth Doctors, Clara, Alice and Gabby ran back to the Eleventh Doctor's TARDIS, only to find the Reapers' presence had turned it into an empty shell. As the Eleventh Doctor returned, the three Doctors touched to send a narrow focus beam, docking their TARDISes together and restoring its exteriors. As the Reapers continued their pursuit, the group made their way to the Tenth Doctor's control room where the Twelfth Doctor set it to dematerialise, thus forcing the Reapers out. Although this worked, the Twelfth Doctor was worried about how his other selves would perceive his actions, to which Clara encouraged him to have some "me time" and to work things out. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

While Clara, Alice and Gabby went elsewhere, (COMIC: The Meeting) the three Doctors participated in an open microphone night, thogh the Twelfth Doctor left after the audience did not take to his set up. Believing they should try karaoke, (COMIC: Open Mic Night) the Doctors instead tried their hand at classical comedy, though the twelfth incarnation's sense of humour turned sour, to which the tenth incarnation turned apologetic for. (COMIC: The Doctors Do... Classic Comedy)

Back in Paris, Clara revealed that the three Doctors had had an encounter on the planet Marinus in the circumstances of a catastrophic event. Unable to contain their curiosity, the Doctors travelled to Marinus to find out what would happen. There, after they were attacked by a mysterious beam, the Doctors began bickering and inadvertently ended up in the pose from the photo.

File:Four Doctors Alternate Twelfth Doctor Meets normal 12.jpg

Forced to split up in a maze by their attackers, the Twelfth Doctor ended up with Gabby, who criticised him for his views on the others, while the Doctor defended himself as being more "wholemeal" than the "skinny, low carb, free range Doctor" she was used to. Navigating the maze, the six met up at the middle of the maze, where a continuity bomb detonated and turned them all into time ghosts, traveling to different timelines made by the Doctors' decisions. These alternative timelines included one where the Tenth Doctor allowed Wilfred Mott to die in the radiation chamber, one where the Eleventh Doctor allowed River Song to spare him on 22 April 2011, and one where the Twelfth Doctor would become an paranoid recluse inside the TARDIS after a betrayal Clara had committed against him. In order to escape from the loop, the Doctors committed to the twelfth incarnation's future, as it seemed to be the least dangerous of the three, so the Twelfth Doctor poked his alternate self to become whole again. The alternative Twelfth Doctor was surprised to see Clara again, but recognised everyone else and agreed to give everyone a lift, which the Eleventh Doctor accepted on everyone's behalf. They materialised in a small pocket universe and were approached by the Voord, who offered the alternative Twelfth Doctor a capsule. All of them were horrified to see the alternative Doctor merge with the suit, revealing that he planned all of this from the start and that he was the leader of the Voord.

After the alternative Twelfth Doctor revealed how he found companionship and healing in the Voord city, and had arranged the meeting of the Doctors to ensure his timeline would be whole, which the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors found a very timey wimey plan, he announced his intent to erase the Gabby, Alice and their Doctors' memories of the event, but implant mental commands in the Twelfth Doctor and Clara's minds to ensure they would fall out in the betrayal, allowing the Twelfth Doctor to become his alternate self and lead the Voord on a universal conquest. As they were being led to have their memories altered, the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors staged a distraction, allowing Gabby and Alice to escape. The Doctors and Clara were then taken to the Conscience, where the alternative Twelfth Doctor altered their memories, and sent them back to their own universe to live out their new destinies. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Voord victorious Edit

After he sent Clara away due to her betrayal, the Doctor spent centuries searching the universe for Gallifrey, until he gave up in despair and found the city of the Voord. After years among them, they offered him leadership of the group mind. The Doctor accepted and, upon joining them, began to remember the continuity bomb and how he was responsible for the ordeal surrounding it.

Leaving the clues that got him there, the alternate Doctor waited on Marinus for his past self, along with his tenth and eleventh incarnations and their companions, and then fired upon them to direct them towards the continuity bomb.

File:Four Doctors Alternate Twelfth Doctor 3.jpg

After they arrived in his timeline, the alternate Doctor took them to the Voord city, where he revealed himself as both the Voord leader and the mastermind behind the continuity bomb.

Immediately taking the TARDIS and handcuffing the six, the alternate Doctor explained how the Voord hid from the Siege of Trenzalore, and how he had maneuvered the events with the bomb into motion. Explaining his plans to wipe their memories and lead to Voord to conquer the universe and become the new Time Lords, the Doctors instigated a struggle that allowed Alice and Gabby to escape. Taking Clara and the Doctor to the Conscious to have their memories altered, the alternate Doctor successfully dispatched them back into their timelines to live out their new destinies.

As he gloated about his victory, Alice was killed by his Voord guards and Gabby began to frantically open the Doctor's comics in the hope they could help her. Much to her horror, inside the bundle was a miniature Weeping Angel, which grew to full size and sent her back in her own personal timeline to the café before the three Doctors arrived to greet their companions. Gabby warned the companions of what would occur if things went they way they had before, before fading from existence. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Voord defeated Edit

Now prepared for his alternate self's deceptions, the Twelfth Doctor led his past incarnations and their companions to Marinus to deliberately set of the continuity bomb and enter the Voord city through River Song's World. Once there, the Twelfth Doctor entered the Voord group mind, and was confronted by the alternate self.

The alternate Doctor was able to overpower his younger self, until the Twelfth Doctor called in the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors to assist him. Learning that the Doctors had sabotaged the city's force field, the alternate Doctor surrendered and was erased from existence after Clara apologised for betraying the Doctor. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

Psychological profile Edit

Personality Edit

File:Twelfth Doctor in light Mummy on the Orient Express.jpg

A cynical man armed with a dry, acerbic wit, a brutal honesty and enough internalised anger to overpower Empath, the Twelfth Doctor was a radical change from his predecessor, adopting a less caring attitude and more hostile nature, (TV: Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood, Listen, The Caretaker, Dark Water; PROSE: Silhouette) though he believed he gave people the benefit of the doubt. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He was perfectly comfortable with placing his companions in danger if it meant appeasing his curiosity, often leaving them out of the details in his plans, or using them to distract attention away from himself. (TV: Deep Breath, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express) However, if he believed the situation was too dangerous for them, the Doctor would either recruit necessary assistance, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) or send his companions to the safety of the TARDIS while staring down the threat alone. (TV: Listen, Before the Flood)

The Doctor preferred to be in the moment, where "everything is huge, everything is so important, every detail, every moment, every life clung to [the moment]." He claimed to the Half-Face Man that the people of Earth "[were] never small to [him]," and, unlike his tenth incarnation, he didn't think he deserved a reward or a "promised land" because he had "already [gone] a very long way [to protect the people]", (TV: Deep Breath) and become a lost soul beyond redemption because of it. (TV: Face the Raven) He also valued mortal lives, however brief they seemed to him, telling Lady Me that she would become his enemy if she executed Sam Swift while he was at her mercy, (TV: The Woman Who Lived) and forbade Weezie from speaking to him after he learned she killed dragons for sport. (COMIC: The Dragon Lord)

He "[found] it best to keep an open mind, unclouded by the opinions of others", favoured the direct approach when he encountered an obstacle, and believed it was always best to assume and plan for the worst-case scenario. (PROSE: Silhouette) He also viewed pain as a gift, telling a Cyber-converted Danny Pink that "without the capacity for pain, [you] can't feel the hurt [you] inflict," (TV: Death in Heaven) and also believed that "a bit of shame never hurt anyone," (TV: The Witch's Familiar) and that true immortality was "everybody else dying". (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Despite coming across as uncaring, with a complete disregard for social niceties, he would fight to protect those in his care, and he would react with devastation if harm befell them. Such was his reaction to the death of a female Tyrannosaurus rex that had been inadvertently dragged through time by the TARDIS, (TV: Deep Breath) to the death of Guardian Gillian Donaldson, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) and when Ashildr suffered heart failure due to his plan to repel the Mire. (TV: The Girl Who Died) He would also regret the deaths of good people, especially if the survivors displayed an unpleasant attitude. (TV: Flatline)

However, for the most part, the Doctor preferred to largely keep his softer side hidden under a "reputation for grumpiness", (COMIC: The Hyperion Empire) making him act callous towards grieving individuals, (TV: Into the Dalek, Kill the Moon, Dark Water, The Girl Who Died) leave murdered bodies he found undisturbed to avoid either awkward questions or the cause of the killing, (PROSE: Silhouette, The Crawling Terror) and neglect to ask for people's names because they were "not [his] area". (TV: Deep Breath, In the Forest of the Night) He eventually began using cue cards to help him socialise. (TV: Under the Lake)

The Doctor also showed a strong compassionate streak, running into a burning library to save Lafcardio from being ejecting into space, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) putting himself in harm's way to save Maisie Pitt from the Foretold, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) assisting Clara even after she had attempted to blackmail him, (TV: Dark Water) giving Davros some of his regenerative energy to allow him to see a Skarosian sunrise before he died, (TV: The Witch's Familiar) and sacrificing his TARDIS key to reunite Anahson with her mother. (TV: Face the Raven) He would also try to avoid harming those who were not in control of their actions, as well as defend them from their captors or those who would cause them further harm. (PROSE: Silhouette, The Crawling Terror)

The Doctor held a veneration of the dead. As such, he ceased all insults towards Danny Pink after being told of his passing, (TV: Dark Water) and was morally outraged with the Fisher King for using the souls of the dead as transmitters for his armada. (TV: Before the Flood)

File:TITAN 12th 1 TheDoctor.jpg

While he described himself as having had "sophistication and timeless sartorial elegance" restored, (COMIC: Terrorformer) the Doctor was not above acting childish; requesting a children's menu at Mancini's Family Restaurant, (TV: Deep Breath) wriggling his toes to make the pigs on his socks dance, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) whistling "Another Brick in the Wall" to annoy Clara, (TV: The Caretaker) doing a victory dance after moving the TARDIS off a train line, (TV: Flatline) ecstatically steering Santa Claus's sleigh, (TV: Last Christmas) looking for ways to avoid concentrating on something he did not want to dwell on, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) and bickering with the likes of Robin Hood and Father Christmas. (TV: Robot of Sherwood, Last Christmas)

He also got excited when he was inside a Dalek, (TV: Into the Dalek) got giddy over possibly finding out the existence of ghosts, (TV: Under the Lake) was very eager to explore a mysterious house, (COMIC: Playing House) and enthusiastically tried to find out the cause of his childhood nightmares. (TV: Listen) Kevin Alperton noted that, while the Doctor looked old, he had an energy to him that made him seem younger and different. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror)

File:Twelfth Doctor inside Aristotle.jpg

Even though he identified himself as a pacifist, (COMIC: Terrorformer) and believed necessary evils to be a last resort, (COMIC: The Fractures) the Twelfth Doctor showed even less restraint than his predecessor, and would get frank and physical with his enemies. (TV: Deep Breath, Hell Bent) However, behind his cold exterior, he was extremely self-reflective, to the point where he even questioned whether he was a good man. (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Flatline) Clara also felt that "there were several layers to the Doctor's emotions." (PROSE: Silhouette) The Doctor himself was well aware of the fact that he often found himself in situations that forced him to make terrible decisions, (PROSE: The Blood Cell; TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) and believed he was "overbearing, manipulative and consciously aware of his own intelligence". (TV: Time Heist) Eventually, he came to the conclusion that he was neither a good nor bad man, but rather just "an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver, just passing through, helping out, [and] learning," (TV: Death in Heaven) and later added that he was "just a bloke in a box telling stories". (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Though he retained a respect for humanity, the Doctor would insult humans as being close-minded and violent, dubbing Earth the "planet of the pudding-brains." (TV: Deep Breath, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, In the Forest of the Night) Nonetheless, he tolerated the company of those who could engage him intellectually, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express, Death in Heaven, Under the Lake) unless they got on his bad side first, (COMIC: The Fractures) and claimed to respect humanity enough to allow it to determine its own future without any interference from him. (TV: Kill the Moon)

As with his previous incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor also liked people who got straight to the point, and thought that someone who wasn't scared in a life-threatening situation was an idiot, (TV: Last Christmas) and would have them focus on their chances of survival, however slim, to encourage them to prevail. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice)

Though he did not know the reason, believing it to simply be his old age, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) the Twelfth Doctor expressed a strong dislike for soldiers, (TV: Into the Dalek, The Caretaker) and was "decidedly prickly in his dealing with anything remotely military", (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) though claimed his disdain was flexible in a crisis. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He also showed sympathy towards Captain Quell and the Foretold, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) and still retained a respect for the Brigadier. (TV: Death in Heaven) He was also easily annoyed by swashbucklers who did not take things seriously, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) even abandoning a village of Vikings to death in battle due to their insistence on fighting the Mire, (TV: The Girl Who Died) and held a disdain towards businesspeople who valued profit above anything else. (TV: Under the Lake, Sleep No More)

He also claimed to dislike liver, karaoke, mime, (TV: Deep Breath) babysitters, (TV: Into the Dalek) bantering, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) Candy Crush, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) outside interference, money, being taken prisoner, (COMIC: Terrorformer) salutes, (TV: Death in Heaven) pantomime, (PROSE: Behind You) cyclopes, (COMIC: Doctor on the Menu) tanks, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) songs that got stuck in his head, (TV: Under the Lake) Tivolians, (TV: Before the Flood) gardening, (TV: Heaven Sent) pears, (TV: Hell Bent) Christmas, (COMIC: Relative Dimensions) and "lying-down people". (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

The Doctor had an extreme hatred of war, (TV: The Zygon Inversion) even saying the word with contentment in his voice. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) When he learned that all Bonnie truly wanted was a pointless war between humanity and the Zygons, he went into a furious and grief-stricken tirade by telling her that he knew what war was really like and that he would not allow her to lead others to their deaths. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

He also disliked being wrong in public, (TV: Deep Breath) missing the obvious, (PROSE: Silhouette; TV: Last Christmas) and being sure of something. (TV: The Husbands of River Song) While he claimed to hate not knowing about something when faced with the Teller, (TV: Time Heist) he was known to admire the unexplainable. (TV: Flatline, Under the Lake) He also told Ohila that, while he trusted her, he didn't necessary like her, (WC: Prologue) and confessed to Osgood that, while he spent a lot of time there, he considered London to be a "dump". (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

He did, however, like babies and bicycles, which reminded him of Call the Midwife, as well as stars, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) candy floss, (PROSE: All the Empty Towers) "a show-stopping entrance", (COMIC: Terrorformer) a "good locked-room mystery", (TV: Flatline) puppets, (TV: The Girl Who Died) sherbet lemons, Ferrari cars, (TV: The Woman Who Lived) and "poncing about in a big plane". (TV: The Zygon Invasion)

The Doctor had a liking for books, particular ones about Garfield, reacting with anger towards those he believed burned books, and also believed that women who liked books to be the best kind. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) When he redecorated the TARDIS control room, he included numerous shelves full of a variety of books, and a recliner to enjoy reading them in. (TV: Deep Breath)


While he disliked guns, he noted that it was foolish to disregard them when they were useful, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) and was willing to utilise one himself when he felt the need to, but would immediately discard it once it was no longer needed. (TV: The Witch's Familiar, Hell Bent)

While he did not dwell on the subject much, the Twelfth Doctor was still haunted by the War Doctor's actions in the Last Great Time War, and claimed to hear "more screams than anyone could ever be able to count" whenever he closed his eyes, and vowed that he would ensure that others would never have to feel the angst he felt. (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

The Doctor also hoped to one day find Gallifrey, and reacted with devastation when his hope of finding it turned out to be a false lead. (TV: Death in Heaven) When he finally did manage to find his way to Gallifrey after enduring "4.5 billion years" of torture within his confession dial, he first returned to his old barn hideaway in the Drylands, and then lead a coup against Rassilon to banish him and the High Council for their part in the Time War. After using the Time Lords technology to save Clara from the Quantum Shade, the Doctor fled from Gallifrey once again. (TV: Hell Bent)

File:Awkward Hug.jpg

Unlike his immediate predecessor, the twelfth incarnation was not an affectionate individual, failing to return Clara's hugs, or protesting against them, believing they were just another way to hide one's face, (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Death in Heaven) but claimed them a good way to smell someone's hair. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He also expressed a dislike of holding hands with others, but made an exception for Clara and Shona McCullough. (TV: Last Christmas) He did, however, draw the line at performing a "high five" with Clara. (TV: Under the Lake) However, he hugged Clara to comfort her after she was almost shot, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) and again when they parted ways. (TV: Death in Heaven) Over time, the Doctor began to accept Clara's attempts to hug him, (TV: Last Christmas, The Woman Who Lived, Face the Raven) and even started hugging her on the odd occasion. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice, The Girl Who Died) By the time he reunited with Maxwell Edison, the Doctor had accepted being a hugger, given an affection on to Max. (COMIC: The Stockbridge Showdown)

Uncomfortable with kissing, he was momentarily dumbfounded when Maid Marian pecked him on the cheek in gratitude for saving her, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) and reacted with horror after he was passionately kissed by Missy. (TV: Dark Water) However, he pecked Missy on the lips in gratitude for forcing him into self-reflection, (TV: Death in Heaven) kissed Clara's forehead while complimenting her brilliance in a moment of excitement, (COMIC: The Big Hush) gave Meghan, a donkey he had befriended, a kiss on the head when he thought no one was looking, (PROSE: All the Empty Towers) and kissed Clara's hand as a farewell gesture before she met her death. (TV: Face the Raven) He also accepted kisses on the cheek from both Clara, (TV: Last Christmas) and River Song. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

File:Deep Breath story image.jpg

Though he initially stated that murder was against his "programming", the Doctor showed a willingness to kill the Half-Face Man if he had to, though with some reluctance, first offering him a drink of alcohol and trying to persuade the clockwork droid to self-destruct of his own free will before engaging in fisticuffs. (TV: Deep Breath) He also stated that, despite how much he hated him, he had no intention of killing the Architect, (TV: Time Heist) but was willing to kill Missy to spare Clara from doing it, (TV: Death in Heaven) gave permission for UNIT to engage Zygons with lethal force, so long as they kept fatalities to a minimum, (TV: The Zygon Invasion) and fatally shot the General after being assured he would regenerate. (TV: Hell Bent) He also released the Judge on a group of Guardians in an elaborate bid to gain their trust, resulting in the death of Chandress, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) orchestrated the deaths of two Kaliratha that were keeping him prisoner by taking them to a point in time prior to their bodies being discovered, (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) and left Ron Cordell and some Skinks to be devoured by a black hole after tampering with the black hole drive's containment field. (COMIC: Pirates of Vourakis) He also viewed certain creatures as expendable, as he wanted to kill a dream crab to save Clara from slowly being devoured by it, (TV: Last Christmas) and crushed a defenseless Love Sprite under his heel to prevent it attacking him. (TV: The Girl Who Died) He also occasionally enacted violence against his TARDIS out of frustration, striking its column with his fists hard enough to damage it after discovering Missy's coordinates to Gallifrey had been a lie (TV: Death in Heaven) and later struck the console with enough force for he to believe he had broken a finger. (PROSE: Deep Time)

Unlike his immediate predecessor, the Twelfth Doctor was unwilling to alter the Web of Time, fearing that the ramifications from the tiniest changes could be catastrophic, spreading "carnage and chaos across the universe like ripples on a pond," (TV: Before the Flood) instead opting to create "ripples" instead of "tidal waves." (TV: The Girl Who Died) He believed it was okay to send people to their deaths if history recorded them as deceased, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) and also refused Clara's request to save Danny Pink from being hit by a car due to it being a part of her timeline, and undoing it would cause a paradox. (TV: Dark Water) He also told Mason Bennett that he "[couldn't] just go back and cut off tragedy at the root, because you find yourself talking to someone you just saw dead on a slab, [and] then you really do see ghosts". (TV: Before the Flood) However, upon returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor used an extraction chamber to save Clara from the Quantum Shade, and also attempted to prevent her from returning to her death, despite it being a fixed point in time. (TV: Hell Bent)

Much like his seventh and war incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor was heavily inclined to err toward a greater good and was willing to allow a few inevitable deaths if it meant saving the majority. Through this attitude, he acted like a pragmatist that would not hesitate to abandon someone whose fate was already sealed, nor mourn for an ally until his objective had been reached. (TV: Into the Dalek, Time Heist, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, Sleep No More) However, the Doctor was still willing to save people if their deaths were not an immediate inevitability, desperately yelling for people to flee from St. Paul's Cathedral when the Cybermen began their invasion, (TV: Dark Water) as well as attempting to save Albert Smithe from the Kantrofarri, (TV: Last Christmas) and making a small effort to prevent Alice O'Donnell from being killed in Краснодар. (TV: Before the Flood)

Also like his previous incarnations, he relied on his companions to keep him from succumbing to his darker nature, but, unlike his predecessors, the Twelfth Doctor actively praised them for it, even claiming that Clara Oswald needed a "raise" for dealing with him. (TV: Into the Dalek) He also enjoyed it when they asked him obvious questions, claiming that it helped him think, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) and identified them as his "social interface with the human race", (COMIC: The Fractures) and the main reason he didn't need an army. (TV: Death in Heaven)

In stark contrast to his previous incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor was more willingly to leave a situation if he believed he had nothing to contribute; abandoning Jason Clearfield when he could not offer medical assistance, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) abandoning soldiers dying of diseases after solving the mystery of the source, (PROSE: Silver Mosquitoes) leaving Clara, Courtney Woods and Captain Lundvik to decide the fate of the Moon when he felt it wasn't his place to decide for them, (TV: Kill the Moon) and leaving the North Pole base immediately after defeating the Dream crabs, despite Clara claiming the team was still in danger. (TV: Last Christmas) The Doctor justified his attitude by pointing out the dangers of everyday life, claiming that "[everything is] dangerous if you want it to be", and once even pointed out to Clara that he was neither humanity's mother or the police. (TV: Kill the Moon, Last Christmas, The Girl Who Died)

By his own testament, the Twelfth Doctor did not suffer fools gladly, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) nor did he tolerate poor manners, even when held at gunpoint, and he believed that one should make requests politely, as well as avoid bad language. (TV: Into the Dalek, Kill the Moon) He had a consistently anti-authoritarian attitude, only ever asking who was in charge so he could know who to ignore. (TV: Under the Lake) He also felt invasions of Earth were justified after hearing about the horror film Alien, (TV: Last Christmas) and expressed the opinion that an enemy was "just a friend you didn't really know yet". (WC: Prologue)

Despite his grumpy nature, the Doctor got along well with children, giving a big tip to a little girl selling matches, (PROSE: Silhouette) giving Rupert Pink an enthusiastic pep talk about fear being a super power, (TV: Listen) comparing the TARDIS' dimensions to the sugar in a coke bottle for Maebh Arden, while also telling her that her theory of everyone knowing everything but her was "not quite true", (TV: In the Forest of the Night) helping Evie Hubbard with her history homework, (TV: The Woman Who Lived) and stopping to tie a young boy's shoelaces while searching for a trap street. (TV: Face the Raven) After realising he had hurt Courtney Woods's feelings, he decided to take her and Clara to the Moon, so that Courtney could be the first girl on the Moon, to help her feel special, (TV: Kill the Moon) and was ashamed with himself when he abandoned a young Davros to the Handmines, to the extend that he felt only death could atone for his actions. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) He also did not look down at children, and treated their thoughts and suggestions as seriously as he did with grown-ups' ideas and opinions. (TV: Listen, In the Forest of the Night, The Girl Who Died)

An absent minded incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor failed to notice when someone was asking him if they looked attractive, (TV: Into the Dalek, Time Heist, The Woman Who Lived) would go off to a location without asking for directions, (PROSE: Silhouette) had trouble recognising people's age group, (TV: Into the Dalek, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, Last Christmas) believed that minor clothing changes hid his identity, (TV: The Caretaker) could not grasp the concept of an English lesson, (COMIC: The Fractures) and would read sentences in their entirety even when he didn't have to. (TV: Under the Lake) Like his predecessor, he was also shown to have a poor concept on the passage of time. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice, The Zygon Inversion)

He would also make contradictory statements, such as telling Courtney Woods that she "wasn't special", (TV: Kill the Moon) despite previously telling the Half-Face Man that humanity "never [seemed] small to [him]". (TV: Deep Breath) He also claimed that Clara would hate the "smelly, dirty and dangerous" Arthurian era, but would love the Victorian era for the same reasons, (PROSE: Silhouette) and claimed that, while he found the transmitter ghosts as "evil", he also found them "astonishing", and said he "want[ed] to kiss [them] to death". (TV: Under the Lake) He called London a "cradle of culture", but later confessed to Osgood that he thought it a "dump". (TV: The Zygon Inversion)

The Twelfth Doctor believed that education came quicker in life threating situations, and claimed that begging "wasn't [his] style", (COMIC: Terrorformer) unless his friends were threatened, (COMIC: Spirits of the Jungle; TV: The Magician's Apprentice) or he was at a particularly dangerous risk of harm. (TV: The Witch's Familiar) He also didn't care about sexuality, instead being bothered by people hating each other, and didn't approve of revenge. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

He had a more celibate nature than his predecessor; dismissing Clara's comments on Silhouette's attractiveness, (PROSE: Silhouette) and not understanding Dr. Chang's suggestion about the application of dark water in public swimming pools. He also described Clara as being "a mess of chemicals" after she professed her love for Danny Pink. (TV: Dark Water) Despite this, he called a female Tyrannosaurus rex a "big sexy woman" while in a post-regenerative state, (TV: Deep Breath) and considered Fiona Bellows "sexy", partially because of her Scottish accent, (TV: Last Christmas) and shared a mutual attraction with River Song. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

He claimed that taking charge was his "superpower", (TV: Time Heist) and listed "investigating", "playing with time" and "resistance" among his specialities, (COMIC: Terrorformer, The Swords of Kali, The Fractures) with Clara adding "interfering and infuriating" to the list. (COMIC: Terrorformer)

After redecorating his console room, the Doctor designed it with a more lived-in state, filling it with bookshelves, chairs, and workbenches, (TV: Deep Breath, The Caretaker) and even once having a meal in it with guests. (TV: Time Heist) He once told Clara that the TARDIS was his house. (TV: Flatline)

The Twelfth Doctor's hatred toward the Dalek species was rigid, with Clara describing it as "prejudice", (TV: Into the Dalek) though he did stop to mourn Lumpy, a Dalek that had deceived him into friendship. (GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek) He believed Daleks were incapable of change and was closed-minded as he dealt with their presence, and would refuse to help a Dalek unless his interests were peaked. (TV: Into the Dalek; GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek) After his act of fixing a malfunctioning "good" Dalek caused it to revert to "evil", the Doctor was almost pleased that his belief of there being "no such thing as a good Dalek" was vindicated. (TV: Into the Dalek) Despite his hatred of them, the Doctor admitted to the Governor that the Dalek Emperor "[was] nothing compared to your average mobile phone sales assistant". (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He also held a disregard for the Cybermen, unceremoniously flattening two with his TARDIS. (GAME: The Doctor and the Dalek)

Additionally, the Twelfth Doctor was, at times, critical of his previous incarnations' clothing; thinking that his fourth incarnation's scarf "looked stupid", (TV: Deep Breath) and regarded his immediate predecessor's fondness for bow ties as "a bit embarrassing", (TV: Time Heist) but complimented Osgood's bow tie as "nice". (TV: Death in Heaven) According to Affinity, the Doctor kept his predecessors "lodged in his head", and held a low opinion of them and himself. (PROSE: Silhouette)

File:Four Doctors The Photo.jpg

When he met his two previous incarnations, he had a frosty accord with the Tenth Doctor, who refused to consider the twelfth incarnation as a future incarnation until the Blinovitch Limitation Effect confirmed he was. Conversely, the Eleventh Doctor was willing to accept him as his next incarnation and was happy to know he had more life in the future. The Twelfth Doctor, however, expressed concern that the two would come to know him as the "scary Doctor". He held the Ninth Doctor in higher regards, saying the Continuity Bomb could not find an timeline where he wasn't "fantastic". (COMIC: Four Doctors)

He disliked his immediate predecessor for his enjoyment of bow ties and fezzes, and overuse of the word "cool". (COMIC: Terrorformer) However, upon seeing Adrian Davies, a teacher at Coal Hill School with a resemblance to his previous incarnation, the Doctor, mistaking Adrian as Clara's boyfriend, arrogantly assumed that Clara was dating Adrian because of his uncanny resemblance to "a certain dashing young time traveller", reflecting more favourably on his predecessor. (TV: The Caretaker)

When Rusty the Dalek looked into the Twelfth Doctor's mind, he saw hatred and noted that the Doctor was "a good Dalek", while Clara believed the Doctor was trying to be a good man regardless, (TV: Into the Dalek) and claimed that he "always care[d]" by the time of her death. (TV: Face the Raven) Perkins noted his inability to decide whether the Doctor was a genius "or just incredibly arrogant". (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) Danny Pink, in complete bitterness for his need to feel the pain he inflicted, compared the Doctor to a "blood-soaked old general". (TV: Death in Heaven)

The Oracle described the Twelfth Doctor as "a man of taste and discrimination," (PROSE: The Blood Cell) while Orestes Milton believed the Doctor "affect[ed] an air of ignorance and indifference, but beneath it [were] undercurrents of knowledge and curiosity". (PROSE: Silhouette)

Both Clara Oswald and Kate Stewart viewed the Twelfth Doctor as an egotist. (TV: Robot of Sherwood; COMIC: The Fractures) However, when questioned by Lisa Foster, Clara reluctantly admitted she thought the Doctor was "kind of [cool]. In a strange sort of way", which Lisa interpreted as meaning "an uncool sort of way". (COMIC: The Fractures)

Much as his tenth incarnation expressed, the Twelfth Doctor associated regeneration with death, recalling Snowcap as "the place where he died". He viewed the process as "huge, [and] terrible", with his self-preservation preventing his memories of the experience from consuming him. (COMIC: Blood and Ice) He also believed that regeneration was to be used only when completely necessary, and to use it to fix a broken toe was "a waste of a life". (PROSE: The Blood Cell) Despite his beliefs, he was willing to force a fellow Time Lord to regenerate if he had to. (TV: Hell Bent)

When faced with the prospect of dying without regenerating while facing the Fisher King, the Doctor, though initially appearing distraught, quickly dismissed any concern, saying that he "had a good innings", and labeling himself a mere "clerical error" of a regeneration, telling Clara that "we all have to face death eventually, be it ours or someone else's." (TV: Before the Flood) When cornered by the Veil, the Doctor admitted that he was afraid of dying. (TV: Heaven Sent)

Habits and quirks Edit

Much like his seventh incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor spoke with a Scottish accent, (TV: Deep Breath) which was noted by Bernice Summerfield to be Glaswegian in contrast to the Seventh Doctor's Highlands one. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) He took his Scottish accent as an entitlement to complain about things, (TV: Deep Breath) and found attractive in others. (TV: Last Christmas) With his accent, he was prone to making subtle or climactic boasts. (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood, Mummy on the Orient Express, Flatline, The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar, Before the Flood, The Girl Who Died, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent) When truly angered, the Doctor, instead of shouting, would hiss with quiet rage. (TV: Dark Water, Face the Raven, Hell Bent)

When proposing a theory, the Doctor would use words such as "question" or "proposition", and would begin his conclusion with "answer", "conjecture" or "conclusion". (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Time Heist, The Witch's Familiar) After working out the important questions in his head, he waited for others to come to the same conclusion, becoming increasingly annoyed with each wrong question or answer they proposed. (TV: Deep Breath, In the Forest of the Night, Last Christmas, Under the Lake, Sleep No More)

When in a moment of realisation or thinking intensely, the Doctor would often tell people to "shut up", regardless if others would be speaking or not. (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Time Heist, The Caretaker, Face the Raven) He would also issue the instruction to those who had earned his ire, regardless of their status or occupation, (PROSE: The Blood Cell; TV: Death in Heaven) and when he wished to avoid a subject of conversation. (TV: Dark Water, Last Christmas)

Like the Ninth Doctor labeling humanity as "stupid apes", the Twelfth Doctor would call them "pudding-brains", or "pudding head", when he found them slow-minded or stupid. (TV: Deep Breath, Robot of Sherwood, Flatline) He would also accuse things, even other people, of developing faults and errors when he didn't think they were working the way he though they were meant to. (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, The Caretaker, Dark Water)

Like his ninth and eleventh incarnations, the Doctor often used "hell" as an intensive. (TV: Dark Water, The Girl Who Died, The Zygon Inversion, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent, Hell Bent)

The Doctor often made puns, (TV: Into the Dalek, Kill the Moon, Flatline, The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar, The Zygon Inversion, The Husbands of River Song) utilised a specific set of words, (COMIC: Terrorformer, The Fractures) or quoted classic fairytales, (COMIC: The Eye of Torment, The Swords of Kali; TV: The Caretaker) and song lyrics. (PROSE: The Blood Cell, Silhouette; TV: The Magician's Apprentice, Sleep No More)

File:Twelve Drink.jpg

Unlike his first and eleventh incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor had a tolerance for alcoholic beverages. (TV: Deep Breath, Time Heist, Mummy on the Orient Express) Much like his third and eighth incarnations, he took his tea with extra sugar. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Much like his predecessor, the Twelfth Doctor also used hand gestures to extenuate a point, but applied more dedication to his movements, standing firm, while speaking with conviction, and punctuating his points across with a pointed index finger, though would become more spontaneous when thinking intensely. (TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Time Heist, The Caretaker) Commonly, when his arms were stretched out, he would stick out his index and baby fingers with his thumb, and lower his middle and ring fingers. (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Listen, Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, Dark Water, Last Christmas, The Doctor's Meditation, The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar, Under the Lake, Before the Flood, Hell Bent)

He was also known to bite down on his hand, (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived) tap his teeth with his finger, (PROSE: The Blood Cell; TV: Kill the Moon, Last Christmas) or cradle his chin in his hand when thinking, (PROSE: Silhouette; TV: Listen, In the Forest of the Night, Death in Heaven, The Witch's Familiar, The Girl Who Died, Hell Bent) and interlock his fingers when explaining or contemplating something. (TV: Into the Dalek, Robot of Sherwood, Time Heist, The Caretaker, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, In the Forest of the Night, Dark Water, Last Christmas, The Zygon Invasion, Face the Raven, Hell Bent, The Husbands of River Song)

Much like his fifth and sixth incarnations, he would also flick his jacket back and have his hands in his pockets, (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, The Caretaker, Flatline, Last Christmas, Under the Lake, Before the Flood, The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Inversion, Sleep No More, Heaven Sent) and, like his second incarnation, often wringed his hands together, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation, The Witch's Familiar, Under the Lake, Before the Flood, The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Inversion, Face the Raven, Heaven Sent) or twiddled his thumb in his hand. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

He also occasionally folded his arms like his ninth incarnation, (TV: Into the Dalek, Listen, The Caretaker, The Girl Who Died, The Husbands of River Song) would rest his knuckles on his hips like his third incarnation, (TV; Mummy on the Orient Express, Flatline, Heaven Sent) held his arms behind his back like his war incarnation, (TV: Before the Flood, The Woman Who Lived, The Zygon Invasion, The Zygon Inversion) and once mimicked his first incarnation's habit of holding his lapels in an attempt to order others around, much to the annoyance of the Tenth Doctor. (COMIC: Four Doctors)

When brooding in the TARDIS, the Doctor would lean on the console with his hand on his face as he looked downwards. (TV: Into the Dalek, Death in Heaven)

The Doctor made a habit of assigning nicknames to others, giving them names based on their appearance, by an accessory they carried or by their profession, (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, The Caretaker) owing to the fact he often chose to forget people, (TV: Last Christmas) or didn't have time to remember individual names, (TV: The Girl Who Died) and would insist on addressing them as their nickname, such as calling Danny Pink "P.E.", despite Danny being a Maths teacher, due to seeing him as more a PE teacher than Maths, (TV: The Caretaker, In the Forest of the Night, Death in Heaven) though he dropped the nickname after Danny died. (TV: Dark Water, Last Christmas) He also continued to address Rigsy as "Local Knowledge" when he was standing in front of him, (TV: Flatline) and when they reunited years later, only dropping the nickname when the seriousness of the situation presented itself. (TV: Face the Raven)

When not out adventuring, the Doctor could be found jotting down equations and theories on various chalkboards in the TARDIS console room, (TV: Robot of Sherwood, Listen) or on hard surfaces that could bear chalk markings. (TV: Deep Breath, The Doctor's Meditation)

The Doctor would occasionally offer out jelly babies in a similar way to the Fourth Doctor, but, unlike his fourth incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor kept his jelly babies in a cigarette case. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express; COMIC: The Swords of Kali) Also like his fourth incarnation, the Doctor would talk aloud to himself, (TV: Listen, Mummy on the Orient Express, Under the Lake, Heaven Sent) and was even known to act like his was talking to someone when there was no evidence of him having company. (TV: Listen, Before the Flood) He also utulised a yo-yo on occasion. (TV: Kill the Moon, The Girl Who Died) On one occasion, aboard the Orient Express, the Doctor took on the persona of an earlier incarnation while debating with himself (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express); while talking to himself inside the confession dial, he acted as if he was speaking to Clara (TV: Heaven Sent).

When in deep contemplation, the Doctor would meditate on the matter at hand, though, if he found the subject unsettling, he would try to avoid the mediation completely. (TV: Listen, The Doctor's Meditation)

Upon seeing a vase of picked flowers, the Doctor would grab a few and smell them, holding them right up to his nose. (TV: Deep Breath, Death in Heaven, Heaven Sent)

Much like his fourth and ninth incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor would grin when he was pleased or amused, flashing his upper teeth as he smiled. (TV: Deep Breath, Robot of Sherwood, Listen, Time Heist, Kill the Moon, Mummy on the Orient Express, Death in Heaven, The Witch's Familiar, Under the Lake, Before the Flood, The Girl Who Died, The Zygon Inversion, Sleep No More, Heaven Sent, The Husbands of River Song)

He kept a spare sonic screwdriver in case something happened to his first. (PROSE: Big Bang Generation) Even after he discarded his old screwdriver for a pair of sonic sunglasses, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice, The Witch's Familiar) he still carried a model of his screwdriver to use on the odd occasion. (COMIC: The Ministry of Time, The Dragon Lord) After receiving a new sonic screwdriver, he began to use them in conjunction with the sonic sunglasses. (TV: The Husbands of River Song)

Skills Edit

Highly observant, the Doctor was able to point out certain individuals in a crowd, (TV: Deep Breath, The Magician's Apprentice, The Woman Who Lived) notice when someone near him was acting suspicious, (TV: Deep Breath, The Caretaker, Dark Water) and pick up on details that helped him unearth others' deceptions. (TV: Listen) However, when his attention was focused, certain things around him would go amiss. (TV: Dark Water, The Husbands of River Song)

File:Foretold Approaches Twelve.jpg

He was also able to make accurate deductions from observing his surroundings, identifying the Aristotle as a medical ship within seconds of being on board, (TV: Into the Dalek) noticing that Orestes Milton was a time traveller due to his choice of words and understanding of origami, (PROSE: Silhouette) solving the riddle of the Foretold within sixty-six seconds, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) and calculating a length of time by placing his finger in a cup of coffee. (TV: Under the Lake) He could also correctly deduce other's histories and how they felt in their environments from sheer observation, as with Anderson, (PROSE: Silhouette) and Captain Quell. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express)

The twelfth incarnation retained his predecessor's ability to converse with other species, such as dinosaurs, horses, (TV: Deep Breath) donkeys, (PROSE: All the Empty Towers) and babies. (TV: The Girl Who Died) Though he claimed his knowledge of British Sign Language had been replaced with semaphore, he was still capable of signing, just not knowing what he had signed translated into. (TV: Under the Lake) The Doctor also had a good sense of smell, which he used to assess his surroundings to deduce the time period he was in, (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) which he could also do by putting his finger in the wind. (TV: Before the Flood, Sleep No More)

Strong and durable, the Doctor was able to briefly support his weight single-handedly, (TV: Deep Breath, Listen) wrestle the Half-Face Man into a corner, (TV: Deep Breath) withstand several blows from Abesse, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) upstage Michael Smith by easily holding two baskets of rocks, (PROSE: Silhouette) force a door open with his shoulder, (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) smash up the TARDIS console with his bare hands in a grief-stricken rage, (TV: Death in Heaven) and stun the General with a single punch to the face. (TV: Hell Bent) Both the Half-Face Man and Kali noted that the Doctor was stronger than he looked. (TV: Deep Breath; COMIC: The Swords of Kali) He was also capable of repeatedly striking a wall of Azbantium with his fists, even after breaking every bone in his hands. (TV: Heaven Sent)

Like several of his predecessors, the Twelfth Doctor was a highly proficient swordsman, able to best Robin Hood in a duel using a spoon, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) take on Kali's three swords with a single blade, (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) and reportedly bested Bors' broadsword with a daffodil. (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) He was also skilled in Venusian aikido, using it to disarm a distracted Robin Hood and defend himself from Abesse. (TV: Robot of Sherwood; PROSE: The Blood Cell) Even without his Venusian aikido, the Doctor proved to be skilled in unarmed combat, (TV: Deep Breath; COMIC: The Swords of Kali) and possessed lightning-fast reflexes. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) He was also proficient with a Gunstick, being able to shoot several Handmines from a distance while also avoiding hitting Davros. (TV: The Witch's Familiar)

Despite initially forgetting how to pilot his TARDIS due to post-regenerative trauma, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) the Doctor soon mastered his way around the TARDIS console, being able to save Journey Blue by piloting the TARDIS around her before her ship exploded, (TV: Into the Dalek) materialise around Clara while she was drifting in space, (TV: The Girl Who Died) and, with some difficulty, slowly fly the TARDIS above London. (TV: Face the Raven) He also successfully returned Clara home in time for her dates, (TV: Listen, The Caretaker) though still made the occasional slip in timing and location. (TV: Deep Breath, Into the Dalek, Kill the Moon, Death in Heaven) He was also able to ride a horse, even when in a delirious post-regenerative state. (TV: Deep Breath, The Woman Who Lived)

Like his previous incarnations, the Twelfth Doctor also displayed telepathic abilities, being able to link his mind with Rusty to try and show the Dalek the beauty of the universe, (TV: Into the Dalek) clear the Governor's thoughts by tapping him on the head, telepathically communicate with Marianne Globus by placing his hands on her template, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) put Rupert Pink to sleep by placing his index finger on his forehead, editing his memories while he did so, (TV: Listen) put Clara through a telepathic scenario with the aid of a sleep patch, (TV: Dark Water) send a sedated Clara messages on blackboards by holding her hand, (TV: Last Christmas) and establish a psychic link with a door to unlock it. (TV: Heaven Sent)

A credited escapologist, (TV: The Girl Who Died) the Doctor boasted at teaching Harry Houdini "everything he [knew]", (COMIC: The Swords of Kali) and was repeatedly able to escape from his cell at the Prison. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He was also a talented gambler, winning $800,000 in less than an hour, which he credited to simple mathematics, (COMIC: Gangland) and dancer, with Clara noting that he could apply for Strictly Come Dancing. (COMIC: Trust)

Despite denying being a doctor of medicine, (PROSE: Silhouette) the Doctor possessed at least a limited medical knowledge, being able to resuscitate Lafcardio with artificial resuscitation after Lafcardio's lungs were filled up with soot, with the Governor noting that the Doctor worked on Lafcardio like an expert. (PROSE: The Blood Cell) He was also able to perform an accurate post-mortem on Michael Smith, (PROSE: Silhouette) and Alan Travers. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror)

As cunning as his seventh incarnation, the Doctor was able to spin a fatal outcome into an advantage, such as using Ross's death to help him, Clara, Journey and Gretchen Carlisle escape Rusty's antibodies, (TV: Into the Dalek) using the deaths of Emile Moorhouse and Captain Quell as an opportunity to figure out a way to defeat the Foretold, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express) and even using his own death to help him escape his confession dial. (TV: Heaven Sent) He was also able to organise a bank heist to save the Teller and its mate, even erasing his planning of the heist to guarantee success. (TV: Time Heist)

The Doctor could not only perform eye-fixation hypnotism with verbal commands, but he claimed that, as a Time Lord, he could perform hypnosis that effected all the senses. (COMIC: Trust) He also threatened to use hypnotism to erase Danny Pink's memory of the Skovox Blitzer. (TV: The Caretaker)

Like his third incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor was a skilled inventor, being able to create an electron magnet and a sonic spoon in the Prison's craft workshop, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) a communication device to order a Skovox Blitzer to deactivate itself, (TV: The Caretaker) a 2Dis to combat the Boneless, (TV: Flatline) and rebuilding the TARDIS' radio into a clockwork squirrel. (TV: Under the Lake)

Believing himself to be a good magician, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) the Doctor could hide objects in others' pockets, (PROSE: Silhouette) swipe things without detection, (TV: Listen) and also practiced coin magic. (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) He was also able to swipe the General's sidearm before the General could regain his senses from being punched. (TV: Hell Bent)

After being thrown out of Boat One in an explosion, the Doctor was able to skydive towards his descending TARDIS, even fighting against the wind currents to place the TARDIS key into the lock. (TV: Death in Heaven)

Despite believing his current incarnation to not be suited to the task, (PROSE: Silhouette) the Doctor proved to have a talent for holding a crowds' attention, having a strong sense of showmanship, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) and quick comedic timing. (TV: The Woman Who Lived)

File:Doctor playing electric guitar in the TARDIS.jpg

The Twelfth Doctor was an excellent player of the electric guitar and could play with extreme confidence. Not only was he was able to play "Pretty Woman", (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) the Sex Pistols' "God Save the Queen", (COMIC: Clara Oswald and the School of Death) Beethoven's "fifth symphony", (TV: Before the Flood) "Wish You Were Here", (TV: The Woman Who Lived) and "Amazing Grace", (TV: The Zygon Invasion) he was also able to improvise his own tunes, (TV: The Magician's Apprentice) such as one entitled "Clara". (TV: Hell Bent) He enjoyed playing guitar alongside one of his companions, Hattie, who was a professional bassist. (COMIC: The Twist, Playing House)

Similar to his ninth incarnation, the Twelfth Doctor could slow down his perception of time; in this case by locking himself in a secure location in his mind, embodied as his TARDIS control room with his companion present, where he could take the time to reevaluate the predicament he was in to his companion and find a way out of it. (TV: Heaven Sent)

Appearance Edit

File:Twelfth Doctor in Black Archive The Zygon Inversion.jpg

In his twelfth incarnation, the Doctor was a tall, thin-faced man with a tousled mop of silver-grey hair and intense eyes framed by unruly, expressive eyebrows. (PROSE: The Crawling Terror) He had a hooked nose, with big ears, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) and sharp silvery blue eyes. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) He was of a light build. (COMIC: Chime Time)

Most changed were his eyebrows, which went from "delicate" (TV: The Time of the Doctor) to extremely thick and furrowed. (TV: The Day of the Doctor) Startled by the change, the Doctor described them as "attack eyebrows", which could "take bottle tops off" and were "ready to set up their own independent state of eyebrows". (TV: Deep Breath) He later considered his intimidating eyebrows as both a major contributor to his gravitas, (TV: Time Heist) and the reason many viewed him as a hostile. (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

Tall and gaunt, he was called a "boney rascal" and a "desiccated man-crone" by Robin Hood, who also described the Doctor as being "pale as milk". (TV: Robot of Sherwood) Clara once described him as looking like a "grey-haired stick insect", (TV: Listen) with Shona McCullough described him as a "skeleton man". (TV: Last Christmas)

The Governor believed the Doctor had "a face for fury", and that it was "made up of storms" and "[boiled] away like a dying star". (PROSE: The Blood Cell) Clara also noted that the Doctor's face "always looked serious." (PROSE: Silhouette) Ross McNamara compared the Doctor's "craggy" face to "the surface of the moon." (PROSE: Haunted)

Upon first seeing his reflection at Madame Vastra's house, the Doctor described it as "absolutely furious." Though he later admitted that his new face was "all right up until the eyebrows," he still did not like it. (TV: Deep Breath) The Doctor later described himself as a "distinguished gentleman with [a] twinkle in his eye." (COMIC: The Swords of Kali)

Physically, he resembled an older version of Lobus Caecilius, a man he had met in his tenth incarnation, (TV: The Fires of Pompeii) with the Doctor himself noting that he had "seen [his] face somewhere before". (TV: Deep Breath) When he realised that he had seen his face when his tenth incarnation saved Caecilius's family on Donna Noble's insistence, the Doctor concluded that he had Caecilius' face to "hold [himself] to the mark" and remind him that he "save[d] people." (TV: The Girl Who Died)

Hair and grooming Edit

The Twelfth Doctor's hair was a silvery shade of grey, (TV: The Time of the Doctor) which confused Clara, as she thought regeneration made the Doctor younger. (TV: Deep Breath)

His hair was originally short and combed down, (TV: The Time of the Doctor, Deep Breath) though occasionally styled into a quaff. (TV: The Caretaker) However, he later let his hair grow out, and become curlier. (TV: Last Christmas, The Doctor's Meditation)

At some point, the Doctor appeared to have had his left earlobe pierced, and had visible scarring there by the time he extracted Clara from her timeline. (TV: Hell Bent)

Clothing Edit

Main attires Edit

Immediately following his regeneration, the Doctor initially wore his predecessor's attire, a Victorian nightshirt, and then a coat that he "bought" from a tramp, before stealing a Clockwork Droid's suit in order to masquerade as one. (TV: Deep Breath) After having a chance to return to the TARDIS, though, the Doctor chose a new outfit for himself, with the intention of "aiming for minimalism", but instead felt that he "came out with magician" after solidifying his wardrobe, (TV: Time Heist) though Clara noted his clothes made him look Victorian. (PROSE: Silhouette)

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The Doctor initially donned a navy blue Crombie coat and cardigan with a white collared shirt, matching dark blue trousers, and black brogue boots. Over the top, he sported a thigh-length, dark blue jacket with red lining, often wearing it with the top button done. On his left hand ring finger, he had a pair of gold rings, a normal gold band and a second ring with a greenish amber setting that rested atop the first band. (TV: Deep Breath) Occasionally, the Doctor would replace his cardigan with a waistcoat, with colours ranging in dark blue and plain black, (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express, Face the Raven) and change his dark blue trousers on black. (TV: Under the Lake, Face the Raven) His socks were black (TV: Heaven Sent) but once they were decorated with cartoony animals, (PROSE: The Blood Cell) and his underpants with question marks. (TV: The Zygon Invasion)

Though his Crombie coat remained a constant staple of his appearance, with colours coming in navy blue, (TV: Deep Breath) black, (COMIC: The Eye of Torment) lapis blue, (COMIC: The Hyperion Empire) and maroon velvet, (COMIC: The Highgate Horror, TV: Face the Raven) the Doctor would wear variations of his attire, switching from vested garments with a white collared shirt for a simple dress shirt on its own, coloured in maroon, (TV: Robot of Sherwood) plain black, (TV: Time Heist) or black with a white polka dot pattern. (TV: Kill the Moon)

Other times, he would dispense with the shirt as well and don a black crew neck jumper (TV: Listen) with small star-shaped sparkles on the front that helped him see in the dark, (PROSE: Royal Blood) and later began wearing a hooded top over his jumper, with colours ranging in plain black, (TV: Last Christmas) and bluish gray. (TV: The Woman Who Lived) Under his jumper, he wore a white, (TV: Listen) red (TV: The Woman Who Lived) or grey T-shirt. (COMIC: Time and PR in Space)

In his "rock star" image, the Doctor continued to wear his hoodie under his Crombie coat, but replaced his jumper with a T-shirt and a pair of baggy plaid trousers similar in style as his second incarnation, either in a light grey colour, a dark blue design with a white plaid pattern, a dark blue tartan pattern, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation, The Girl Who Died, The Woman Who Lived) or a bottle green colour. (COMIC: The Ministry of Time) His vest wear included a dusty pink Henley top underneath a Misty Mountain T-shirt, (TV: The Doctor's Meditation) a Negative Flower T-shirt, (TV: The Girl Who Died) a plain white T-shirt, (COMIC: The Ministry of Time) and a black T-shirt with a shark on it. (TV: Face the Raven)

Other costumes Edit

While imprisoned on the Prison, the Doctor was fitted with a standard orange uniform. (PROSE: The Blood Cell)

When going into "deep cover" as Coal Hill School's temporary caretaker, the Doctor donned an ocher brown warehouse coat over his black crew neck jumper. (TV: The Caretaker)

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For formal wear, the Doctor would don a black double-breasted evening jacket, black trousers and waistcoat, his black brogue boots, a white dress shirt and a black cravat. (TV: Mummy on the Orient Express, The Husbands of River Song)

While visiting 1963 Las Vegas, the Doctor donned a blue Fedora at Clara's urging. (COMIC: Gangland)

To go with his red Crombie coat, the Doctor also owned velvet red trousers, shoes and waistcoat. (COMIC: The Highgate Horror)

When Zip Betterblast gave him a "re-design" for his TV appearance, the Doctor received blue jeans, a cap with a "DW" logo, and yellow sleeveless V-neck top with a palm tree island image on it. (COMIC: Time and PR in Space)

After returning to Gallifrey, the Doctor discarded his waistcoat and velvet Crombie coat in favour of a black overcoat, which he found in his old barn. He later resumed wearing his Crombie coat when he returned to his TARDIS; it is not the same outfit he wore on Gallifrey, however, but a replacement gifted to him by Clara Oswald at the same time she wrote her farewell message on his blackboard. (TV: Hell Bent)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Like the War and Ninth Doctors, the Twelfth Doctor debuted on television before his regeneration from his predecessor was screened. The Eighth Doctor similarly appeared before also with narration at the start of TV: Doctor Who.
  • Capaldi is the second actor, after Sixth Doctor actor Colin Baker, to have played an on-screen character in Doctor Who before being cast as the Doctor. If one counts David Tennant's appearances in various Big Finish audios and Scream of the Shalka prior to his casting as the Tenth Doctor, Capaldi is the third actor to have appeared in-continuity prior to taking on the role.
  • His first words — "Kidneys! I've got new kidneys!" — keep to the modern tradition of new Doctors commenting on their bodies soon after the change. Previously, the Ninth Doctor commented on his ears, (TV: Rose) the Tenth Doctor commented on his "new teeth", (TV: The Parting of the Ways) and the Eleventh on his legs. (TV: The End of Time)
    • In DWM 477, showrunner Steven Moffat jokingly answered one fan's question on what colour the Doctor's kidneys now were (he had complained he hated their colour) as "Froon. This is an entirely new colour, which only the Doctor can see."
  • His costume was revealed in DWM 470 and online earlier than planned to preempt a tabloid scoop.
  • Aside from its official narrative comic strip, the Twelfth Doctor is also featured in The Daft Dimension, a humour comic strip also published in Doctor Who Magazine.
  • Peter Capaldi wanted to wear his wedding ring as part of his Doctor's attire, and requested a prop to disguise it. He was given an amber ring with a gemstone that fits over the top of his original band. The First Doctor also wore a gemstone ring, and as such the Twelfth Doctor is the first incarnation since then seen to sport one. He is also the first incarnation since the Third Doctor to wear an ordinary ring. Although The Husbands of River Song reveals that the Doctor was still technically married to River Song during the events of Series 8 and 9, the Doctor's ring has yet to be directly identified as an actual wedding ring (and the Eleventh Doctor never sported such a ring during the time he was married to River).
  • Although this has yet to be explicitly confirmed on screen, it would appear that the Twelfth Doctor retains the artistic skill shown by the Eleventh Doctor. Writing in DWM 495, Steven Moffat confirmed that the photo-realistic painting of Clara seen during TV: Heaven Sent was painted by the Doctor. Coincidentally, Capaldi himself is a trained artist, although his style is more on the caricature side.
  • A narrative distinction with the Twelfth Doctor is his tendency to break the fourth wall. To date this has occurred in TV: Deep Breath, Listen, Before the Flood and Heaven Sent. In the case of Before the Flood, the episode's entire pre-credit sequence consists of a monologue delivered by the Doctor directly to the viewer, with the Doctor even at one point encouraging viewers to use Google to look up the bootstrap paradox. Listen begins with the Doctor looking into the camera and intoning the episode title, and the remainder of the pre-credit sequence is another monologue, but this one appears to be addressed to either the TARDIS or the unknown entity the Doctor investigates in that episode. The other two examples are moments where the Doctor briefly looks at the camera.
  • The Twelfth Doctor was dubbed in Japanese by Naoya Uchida, in French by Philippe Résimont and in German by Bernd Vollbrecht.
  • Peter Capaldi pierced his left ear earlier in life and the scar from this is clearly visible during the numerous extreme close-ups of his face in Hell Bent.
  • In several series 9 episodes, most notably Heaven Sent, the Doctor displays a slight limp. This reflects the fact Capaldi injured his knee early in filming of the season; he underwent surgery to repair the knee late in 2015. Matt Smith developed the same knee injury during his tenure. As Capaldi later explained, "We realised what it is: you run down these corridors and you reach the end and then you spin to make sure you get a nice close-up. You spin on that leg and you put tension on that knee."[1]

Footnotes Edit

  1. Debnath, Neela (21 December 2016). Doctor Who star Peter Capaldi reveals 'dangerous and troubling' moment during filming. Express. Retrieved on 23 December 2016.

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