Tardis Tails
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Species: Cat{{#set:species=Cat}}
Appearance: The Glorious Dead {{#set:only appearance=The Glorious Dead (comic story)}}

Tardis Tails was an alternate reality version of the Eighth Doctor. He lived in a universe populated by anthropomorphic animals. He was good friends with Lizzy Sinclair. He was very fond of fish.

On one occasion, Tardis Tails attempted to steal fish from Fishy Luigi's, but was literally kicked out of the store by the clerk. He declared that Fishy Luigi's would hear from his solicitor. Tardis Tails was then approached by Lizzy, who told him that he'd never learn that fishmongers hate cats. He told Lizzy that the clerk was an "uncouth knave" and decided that he'd try to get in Fishy Luigi's again through a window in the alleyway behind the shop. Unfortunately for Tardis Tails, he was too fat to fit through the window and he was left stuck.


The prime Eighth Doctor experienced that misadventure when he was shown his various possible lives by the Glory. (COMIC: The Glorious Dead)