Seventh Doctor
File:SeventhDoctorMorbius.jpg{{#set:Has image=File:SeventhDoctorMorbius.jpg}}
Species: Time Lord{{#set:species=Time Lord}}
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Appearance: The Brain of Morbius {{#set:only appearance=The Brain of Morbius (TV story)}}
Main TV actor: Robert Holmes
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An incarnation of the Doctor was seen during the Fourth Doctor's mindbending contest with Morbius. (TV: The Brain of Morbius, AUDIO: Cold Fusion) According to one account this man was the Other, whom the First Doctor was a reincarnation. (PROSE: Lungbarrow)

behind the scenes Edit

The face of this Doctor were first introduced in TVThe Brain of Morbius but it was not until AUDIOCold Fusion thirty years later, in 2016 that they were confirmed to be incarnations of the Doctor.

In TV: The Caves of Androzani (written by Holmes) the Fifth Doctor's regeneration was very different from other incarnations. Before his death he says things like ''Is this death?'' and ''It feels different this time.'' Holmes also wrote Morbius (albeit under the name Robin Bland) and if one counts the 'Morbius' Doctors then the Fifth was the Doctor's last incarnation. The Fifth Doctor's final words suggest that even he thought he was dying, possibly due to the 'Morbius' Doctors coming before the First Doctor.