Ninth Doctor
Place of origin: Gallifrey
Incarnations of the Curse of Fatal Death Doctor
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In a universe different to the one the renegade Time Lord known as the Doctor called home, a person calling himself the Doctor, a Time Lord in his ninth incarnation, travelled with a companion named Emma in a TARDIS shaped like a police box. His previous incarnations were unknown, but after an encounter with his old enemies, the Daleks, and the Master, a fellow Time Lord with whom the Doctor shared many centuries of conflict, he regenerated several times in quick succession, ultimately transforming into a thirteenth and female body.

Biography Edit

This "Ninth Doctor" met the Master on the planet Tersurus, after the Master asked him to, and announced his retirement from universe saving. He wished to settle down in domestic bliss with his companion Emma. He confronted the Master's various traps. Each Time Lord had travelled back in time to bribe the castle architect to plant various traps in the Master's case and negate the traps in the Doctor's. The Doctor was captured by the Daleks, whom the Master had recruited as allies after a trap the Doctor had modified resulted in the Master being trapped in the sewers of Tersurus for nine hundred years. The Doctor warned the Master about the creatures' plans to exterminate him once his usefulness was at an end using smells in the language of Tersuran.

When the Doctor's attempt to communicate with the Master was discovered, he was shot by a Dalek energy beam and regenerated into his next incarnation. (TV: The Curse of Fatal Death)